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IWD:EE - mods not working properly?


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Okay, so I've been told that some of IWDNPC conversations may not be working.


I went to check, and I saw that original IWD always set a variable whenever a monster was killed, something like Global("LKingDead","GLOBAL",1) - for the Lizard king.


Seems that EE doesn't have this option, am I right? And the players aren't seeing my dialogues as a result.


I'm not playing IWD:EE as much as I should, but I'm very willing to fix the mod - I just would like to know (from people who did play or test or code) whether this is true or not.




(and if it doesn't work, then god, I'm in trouble: it's been so many years that I have no idea where to grab those death variables from - does IE even work on IWDEE?)

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The lizard king is a special case cause there's a quest attached to killing it. But yeah, the IWDEE game doesn't have the creatures dead counts as the IWD engine specific records used to increment via the .cre files secondary death variable(offset 29h) specific the v9 .cre files.

And the usually suggested trick is to use sprite_is_dead* globals in the BG2 engine to keep such records at, but it can get a little tricky, as you have to add it to the scripts in the copying in of the .cre files.

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I should probably just take a look at the death variables (I HOPE IWD EE has them) and add them through OR(2) commands. Hope that works, at least.

It does, we can supply you with them(so you don't even need a IWDEE), if you can give the IWD specifics. The IWDEE itself uses quite lot of those SPRITE_IS_DEAD* globals. As some of that is likely coming from the IWD_in_BG2 base mod, so you also need to do this to that version mods scripts too, so the OR approach is a good contender.
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The problem is, I check for unique creatures, but also for something like "five priests dead", and I'm not sure what to overcome this with. But, yeah, thank you!


So, what to replace these triggers with?


GlobalGT("Talonite_Dead","GLOBAL",0) or GlobalGT("SPRITE_IS_DEADTALONITE","GLOBAL",0)






Also, what to do with GlobalGT("OPENED_HIDE","MYAREA",0) and Global("Seer_Death_OK","GLOBAL",1)?


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Okay, I ran some tests and found replacements for LKingDead and Dead_Yuan (just download the version tomorrow to see how it works) and tested it. PriestsDead still works, the rest have alternatives.


Thank you for answering!

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