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Tweaking the Call Lightning with NI


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Indoor flag in spell header: 0018h Attributes 00002000
Change it to 0.
spell in weapon: add an opcode 146 effect to the ability effects, param2=1 (immediate casting), (resref=sppr302).


I think I modified spell the right way but I don't know about adding spell effect to the item.

I want to add for example chain lightning to the sling SLNG01.ITM. Every time it swings, casts CL with 45% chance.

I don't know should I add it to item ability or effects. Add button gives 2 options.

What does it mean resref=sppr302 ?

Where to add which spell I want to cast ?

There are 2 probablility values: Probablility1 and Probablility2. Which should I choose ?




For the spell I unchecked outdoor only.


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If you don't want to mess the game modifying vanilla spells and items, use "home made" ones with WeiDU.


Here is the code if you want to create a sling (SLNG01M) launching a customed CL spell (SPPR302M):

COPY_EXISTING ~slng01.itm~ ~override/slng01M.itm~
    LPF ADD_ITEM_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode = 146 target = 2 timing = 1 parameter2 = 1 probability1 = 45 STR_VAR resource = SPPR302M END

with opcode = Spell: Cast Spell (at Target) [146], target = 2 Pre-Target, timing = 1-Permanent and parameter2 = 1-Cast Instantly.

Be cautious: probability1 is the upper bound and probability2 the lower bound. I know it may be confusing, but if you want to launch an effect with a 25 % probability, then probability1 is 25 and probability2 0. Probability1 = 50 and probability2 = 25 will have the same result.


Then, remove the outdoors flags from SPPR302:

COPY_EXISTING ~sppr302.spl~ ~override/sppr302m.spl~
    WRITE_LONG   0x18 (THIS BAND BNOT BIT13)    // removes Outdoors only flag

Then Enjoy your new sling! ;)

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I'm using this https://github.com/Argent77/NearInfinity/releases from Argent77.

When it saves the item, it creates in override folder new item. If I mess up something, I can just delete it from override and start again.



I modified the sling with the effect but doesn't cast spell (magical stone ). It has 47% just for the test. It should casted it every second attack. What's wrong ?



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