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  1. @maurviradding the Extended Night flag and a ARnnnN tis is not enough. You must also create a ARnnnnN.wed file which points to your ARnnnN.tis file. Just clone your regular wed file to ARnnnnN and that should do the trick.
  2. DLTCEP has a feature that converts oBG2 day to night tilesets.
  3. To be complete, for those interested in, this document has been written for modders.
  4. When 1pp was updated to v4.0.0, the question raised to provide a full IR compatibility. Unfortunately, it was abandoned mainly for 3 reasons: IR uses an older version of 1pp the existence of several versions of IR. IR is still officially a "beta" mod. However, when I discovered @Bartimaeus had released many fixes that I have coded for 1PP, we compared his list and mine, and after a few exchanges, I decided to include some I did not notice. The only ones I refused to include were cosmetic ones that did not respect what the author intended to do (even if I agreed with Bartimaeus and still don't like some Erephine's creative bias). IMO, any mod that needs to use another mod content should require the former mod to be installed first and check for its installation. Crossmods are a good example of this practice. It is nonsense to ask modders or maintainers to make their mods compatible with a mod being installed after. That said, all items content mods I have updated at SHS are patching items in two ways: one for the vanilla original games, another for EE or 1PP modded games. And as I know some players don't respect the installation order, I even added pieces of codes in 1PP to patch a few mods items that would be installed prior to 1PP. And believe me, that was painful. The same issue will arise with Infinity Animations. Fortunately, most mega mods that need it were released at SHS and will be updated at the same.
  5. If you don't have news in a few days, send me a PM and I will try to contact Isaya with another way.
  6. Isaya and Gusinda are the people to get in touch with.
  7. We had the same issue with a few vanilla strrefs when writing the BG2 French correct pack. The best way to solve it is to rewrite the sentence in an "impersonal" way that will fit to any character, regardless of its gender, race, or "vous/tu".
  8. Put your translated files in languages/french folder, and try to run the attached tp2. setup-gavin_bg2.tp2
  9. This has been fixed for the next IA release. However, the code worked fine with patch 2.5. I did not test it yet with new patch 2.6. I am currently checking all bam and sound clips files to be sure the core component won't install or patch files that might be added or fixed by the new patch. However, if you discover new glitches with creature weapons overlay, fell free to notice them in the repo.
  10. Updating French translation, I noticed "@" characters have been replaced with %atsymbol% variables, which is not the case in en_us folder. Moreover, the classes strref replacements won't be efficient because they are not the same in BG2 vanilla, BG2 patched with the French correct Pack mod, BG2:EE prior patch 2.6, and the so-called "professional" French localization provided by patch 2.6.0 which is nothing else but "foutage de gueule" (I let you translate this); so much that a translators pool is currently working on a correct pack that will affect almost all dialog.tlk entries...
  11. Many years ago, I faced the same issue on classic games with missiles and projectiles ids files. As @argent77suggested, a CLEAR_IDS_MAP did the trick.
  12. Spellhold Studios Valygar Friendship has been updated to v1.5. One of the things many find sorely lacking in the Bioware NPCs are the more complex relationships presented by modern NPC mods--especially in regards to "friendships", the relationships NPCs have with the PC when not romancing them. This mod adds a series of dialogues with Valygar. Version 1.5 comes with a Spanish translation by Magis365 and minor improvements. Read the Readme Visit the Mod Forum SHS Download Center SHS official GitHub alternate download center Change log: Added dynamic install order syntax and global `LABELS` to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity". Added Spanish translation (thanks Magis365). Fixed a few typos in English strrefs. Reformatted readme file and moved it into new "readme" folder. Updated WeiDU installer to v247.
  13. First, you need to detect if the game is EE or if TobEx is installed. Then, you patch the item.
  14. Congrats for the new release. I won't have time to test this new version before a couple of weeks. Please, just tell me if the translation needs to be updated.
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