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  1. As I have been afraid to read this kind of comments since the beginning, I decided to simplify the install process without forgetting to make it fine tune-able for expert users. As modern computers are no more limited with memory issues, by default, IA main component will install all missing files. This "standard installation" is defined in a config ini file where users can decide not to install animations packages (for example IWD2 animations). However, I wrote a WeiDU macro run for every component, that will check if animations files needed by a given component have been installed. If not (e.g. if users modified config.ini and the main component did not install them), IA will no longer abort installation, but will FORCE the needed files installation. This process is transparent to the user. For all other questions related to missing files, please have a look here. This spreadsheet might answer all your questions related to non latin encoding and animation slots harmonization.
  2. IA provides two kinds of content: 1) it will harmonize animations slots in all IE games (at least tob, bgt, tutu, and all EE games but PsT:EE), which means install all missing animation files (bam and wav), provide compatibility with old megamods that were overwriting existing animations slots for their needs. 2) it will behave as an "animation fixpack" to fix animations related glitches in classic games (for example, minotaurs and mindflayers were sharing the same soundsets, as tanarris and mariliths did...). In other words, this new version will provide a standard installation for modders who won't need anymore to worry about which game their mods are installed in. They won't need to write different codings for implementing new animations: the same code will be used for every game.
  3. Next IA will contain all BWP fixpack patches and more... Same answer for 1PP.
  4. @Cahir Yes. It was to be done but unfortunately the last SHS break down ruined this plan. I will upload newest versions this evening. Those new versions only fix installation process that failed with new Mac Os system. No mod content has been modified. So Windows and linux players can install the SHS version without issue.
  5. All foreign add-ons have been moved to SHS GitHub mirror. As for other mods hosted at SHS, we need their authors permissions to provide a mirror at GitHub. Once we get them, the mods are moved to GitHub, but it may take time.
  6. Mod transferred to SHS GitHub mirror. Sorry I don't have foreign languages add-ons (except French one), so I could not upload them.
  7. Hello prof Kulyok keeps an eye on PPG forums and always answer to requests. As for the traification, it's not a big deal and WeiDU doc is very easy to understand. Anyway, as I have a lot of work to achieve with updating SHS mods, I would prefer you get her agreement before spending time on this traification.
  8. @Isewein 1PP will be updated but won't be EE compatible as most of its content has been integrated into EE engines. IA is quite finished and will be EE compatible, but that's a tough job because every IE game package does not contain the same files and mostly because there are a lot of inconsistencies in the code.
  9. I tested it with a few texts. The result is: it is better than any other non-professional translators you can find on the web. However, I warn you: do not rely on the translation produced, it is likely not to correspond to the original text. Use DeepL translator either for a first draw or to check special meanings. In other words, use it as a tool to improve your translation, but it will never be as efficient as a human translator.
  10. Maybe because I followed it.
  11. I have received this notification: Unfortunately the given link is broken:
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