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  1. Either you wait for the Infinity animations next release, or you copy-rename the hag and annis files. As for their format, it's what we call the BGB2 UNSPLIT extended, mostly used in BG2-ToB, and much better than IWD one because it offers more directions and allows smoother creatures movement.
  2. First, it is better to name Kit label in upper case :SAMURAI. // appended to CLASWEAP.2da ~Samurai 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1~ ==> ~SAMURAI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1~ Second you forget a variable in fl#add_kit_ee function: LAF ~fl#add_kit_ee~ STR_VAR kit_name = ~SAMURAI~ END Third: you should traify the mod, so that I might give you a French translation...
  3. Will have a look this evening, once back home.
  4. A few months ago, I ported the shuri ninja kit to EE for a French player. I guess the samurai kit should not be different. Tell me what's going wrong.
  5. Very weird indeed. I don't have access to BGEE right now, but I will test it this evening. To be sure, does it happen only with IWDification cre files?
  6. the mliz[x]... bam files, with x being c[lub], h[alberd] and q[uaterstaf].
  7. Right. Fixing the weapons is still in my ToDO list, but if the next patch will fix this issue, I would be happy to remove it and spend my time fixing other points.
  8. Nothing magic or secret. I only checked if you modified anything about immutability because I intend to use the weidu_external folder for the next 1pp and IA releases.
  9. Guess I found a typo in install_sfo.tpa: OUTER_SET is_tutu = ( GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc~ ? 1 : 0) OUTER_SET is_eet = ( GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc~ ? 1 : 0) Second line seems to be a mistaken copy-paste...
  10. Check AR2600.tis and AR2600N.tis with NI. You will see one of the reasons why those files exists: showing lights in urban areas at night.
  11. Typo in store v1: 0x0022 2 (dword) Capacity (0=unlimited) should be 2 (word)
  12. No. this flag's only purpose is to tell the engine that it must use special wed, tis and lightmaps files to display areas at night, rather than displaying the hardcoded night darkness.
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