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  1. Did you try the same command with BUFFOR instead of BUFFOR_#? Maybe WeiDU does not like "#" characters in string values...
  2. That's the problem: 1. The helmet uses J1 as appearance. This value is not supported by classic games (a 1PP feature). Try a H1--> H4 value. 2. Opcodes #7 use meany color indexes installed by 1PP extended palette component. If you use them without installing 1PP, the game crashes. If you want to keep this appearance for EE games, you will have to alter them with WeiDU when installing the items.
  3. In which game did you test them? I mean EE or classic games?
  4. Yes. I did not mention it as NI display it with most mage kits offset (ox2d I guess).
  5. Salut Prof ! Le problème semble venir des flags Unusable : décoche tous ceux concernant les mages. Pendant que tu y es, tu peux aussi supprimer ceux des kits de druids, car ils ne servent à rien puisque les druides ne peuvent pas porter ces objets. Idem pour les kits de voleur. Oops... In English: the unusable kit flags are wrong. Remove all the mage kit flags. Do the same with Druid and Thief kits.
  6. I wrote a code that seems to work. At least, it appends new data rows and sorts the file. For convenience, I will use an array to append new lines. What I need is the meaning of the last 4 column contents. After studying all avatars files, I came to this: TYPE SPACE Seems to be personal space. I would appreciate the values meanings. PALETTE As I understand the way bmp files are set, I really don't understand the 0 and 1 values meanings. I guessed 0 = un paletted, 1 = paletted. But so many unpaletted animations get a 1 value. SIZE Seems to be used only for CHARACTERS animations, except 0x2200 OGRE_MAGE (which is also a paletted animation and nothing mention it in the file ?)
  7. Thanks. I will write a piece of code and let you test it on a GemRB install.
  8. You need to check how many columns are in tooltip.2da, then add a 4th column if needed and fill it with "*". At last, append it.
  9. In fact, IA does a lot of thinks. But basically, it first patches bgmain.exe to get rid of the animation slots number limitation. In this process, it allows modders to install new animations prefixed according to their type: So, let's say I want to install a IA component (or install a mod) using 0x1002 FIEND_BLUE (4AB) animation in a GemRB install. How would I proceed? I guess you use avatars.2da file as a database and the engine handles the animation type to display it correctly in game? If it is correct, IA main component might append avatars.2da with all new animations compatible with GemRB engine, then sort it the way you need it.
  10. No problem. I already wrote a WeiDU function to sort ids and 2da files by animation ID once appended. Just for convenient purpose (I hate reading unsorted data files). Just a question: does IA correctly patch GemRB game exe file? I mean, since now, how do you install IA in GemRB game?
  11. I do. With Sam's help (who rewrote the engine patch). What do you need exactly? Patching a 2da file? It could be easily done at the same time I patch ANIMATE.ids, ANISND.ids and ToBeX externalized aniwksnd.2da. Just send me the file to be patched and tell me what you need. Edit: sorry, but as I never installed GemRB, please forgive me if I ask silly questions.
  12. Just for the record, the next IA release will get rid of all those characters and use the following prefixes instead: either numbers (0, 1, 2 ... ), or "-", or XDR (for dragons).
  13. Always avoided to change dialog.tlk existing stringrefs (except in French correct packs ), but did you try INNER_ACTION BEGIN STRING_SET... END?
  14. There is indeed a door script field : 0x0080
  15. SHS is back. I will wait for a week to remove my temporary mirrored files, hoping it won't crash again...
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