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B!Tweaks v4 Full


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Unfortunately as far as I can throw my rocks, no.

And just so you can tell, the rock I throw went all the way to berelide herself, but there was no echo or answer. So I assume that she doesn't have it either.


There's one person that could have it, the wizard. And I haven't seen it for ages.

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i was hoping we could at least get it from berelide ... I had all of my mods on a backup HD that went kaput, thus I'm re-downloading everything. Do you or does anyone else know of a mod that alters the attainable proficiency by class? IE, mages get 2 pips, clerics get 4 pips, etc.

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So I cracked open berelinde's tp2 file for B!Tweaks and discovered that the full version was all there, just that section was turned off if you will. I went in and removed the off switches and the full version installed. The issue now is that it's still all called B!Tweaks_lite. When I tried to rename things to remove "lite" it broke the installation. There's just a lot to replace. I uploaded it to the beamdog forum if anyone wants to use it. If i get some time I may try to fix it so it doesn't say lite. And of course, if berelinde objects to any of this, I'd be more than happy to remove what I have done.

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