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Sorry, and asking for permission


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I recently uploaded a mod on the Beamdog forums that worked as a standalone mod as well as an addon for Divine Remix consisting of a few priest kits I was working on. To ensure consistency I was looking at both the Divine Remix .tra file and your .tp2 file and I think I copied some parts of it by mistake (I noticed it when I decided rebuild my own tp2 file for an update). I removed the mod from the site and edited the post already.
I know it's a bit late but Is it okay if I integrate some parts of your code into the mod I was making? I will put full references. If not, I shall not post my mod online.
(I am FailGeek on the Beamdog forums).

I also PMed CamDawg on the Beamdog forums.
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As jastey says, most modders don't mind if you want to borrow macros or coding techniques they've used. They're more likely to take issue if a mod idea is stolen and rebranded. It's not a bad idea to ask the original mod author about borrowing some code, because they might tell you they wrote that code ages ago and there's a better way of doing things now.


It sounds like you'd be fine if you just added a comment to the code mentioning where it was borrowed from.

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