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[REQ] elaborate on text update differences

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The readme regarding the game text update option says:


"The first (and recommended) option will install "GTU Light" (by Wisp), a fairly minimalistic dialogue update which contains only the most relevant typographical corrections. The second option will install "GTU Classic" (from Baldurdash, by Kevin Dorner), an in-depth dialogue revision, parts of which may be considered arbitrary by purists."


I'm installing this mod using Big World Setup, which has the light version selected by default. I'm somewhat anal regarding proper spelling and grammar, which is why I love text fixes in games, but It's not clear how "arbitrary" Dorner's changes are. Is it arbitrary in the sense that single sentences are rewritten to allow better flow from sentence structure and phrasing, or that entire sections are rewritten in ways that may change the very mood or tone of the passage?


I've chosen the second option for my install, but I'd like to request a little more detail in the readme on what Dorner's changes do. Obviously, this is a very minor issue that probably nobody else cares about, but I thought I'd request it if it's no trouble.



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Disclaimer: I am biased by the fact the "GTU Classic" blows chunks.


The description of the GTU components is not by me. I would not characterise the "GTU Classic" as an in-depth revision of anything. If you want a description of what it does, there is none, because the "GTU Classic" is not documented. I started on something like that when I was producing my GTU, but I quickly lost patience with the changes, which I would describe as 10 inconsistent and/or meaningless BS changes for every valid change. The only real "thing" the "GTU Classic" does, is adding kits to the usability sections of items, which is what stood out to many and caused the perception of the "GTU Classic" as being arbitrary. There were also a few search-and-replaces (I would assume) done on the text, which changed things like replacing Bioware's style choice of using double-space to separate sentences. There is little to no overhaul of the game's language in either of the forms you describe (my version does not do much of that either; it's mostly about fixing incorrect spelling, factual stuff and really awkward grammar. Edit: okay, not really awkward. Missing hyphenation, for example, is not extreme, just something that drives me nuts.).

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The description of the GTU components is not by me.

Well, thanks for replying anyways! Your answer gave me what I wanted, as you indicated that Dorner's changes are both undocumented and not that extensive after all.


I don't care at all about restriction listings in item descriptions, and I DO care about double spacing between sentences (which is what I've done all my life). So you've converted me Wisp. I'm now an adoring fanboy and will use only your mod for ever and ever. : )


Now, if only I was able to edit mod text from all the 2nd language modders...

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