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Siege of Dragonspear Mod Compatability

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Hello there!


I dont think this was posted before now so I thought I would post my findings and see if anyone else has gotten this far with the new Siege of Dragonspear game.


I have been playing around with mods on the EE games for about a week now (installing different ones to test compatibility etc) and i think I have a stable game running a version of Big World Setup using the recommended BGEE install.


I was almost certain it would break the game but everything seems to be working other than the portrait packs as far as i can tell. Im goingto play a bit more and see if SCS and the others seem to work. Ill let everyone know more in a few hours

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Awesome I'm glad im not the only one trying to mod it already haha. My install has completed and the game seems to be running fine!


Im going to give it an extended stress test tonight and see if i can get it to crash (hopefully not) and post here if I run into any issues, but so far so good!

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