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traps - help making new ones


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So, I stupidly coded up some new traps in my Rogue Feats mod and assumed that if they seemed to be coded right, they would work. I also stupidly tested them in BG2EE, which was dumb because two of them are modified versions of the HLAs, Spike Trap and Explosive Trap, so all of the resources for them are in that game. Naturally they didn't work in BG1.


I grabbed the BG2 projectiles from NI and added them in Weidu, but I'm still not sure these work. Anyone want to test? Anyone know much about how thief traps are coded and can maybe help me bug-fix?


The four traps are:

- Spike Trap (same as the HLA, but with modified damage, meant to only affect one target)

- Dart Trap (made from the basic vanilla trap, meant to do AoE missile damage)

- Fire Trap (made from the HLA Explosive Trap, with modified damage)

- Web Trap (I think made from Spike Trap, with the damage effect replaced by opcode 146 casting Web on the target)


Weidu mini-mod attached.

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Be careful if you use secondary AoE projectiles. First, they can not discriminate between party/enemy even with the flags set (e.g. the Arcane trap), and second, the secondaries set off at the target's position, not the trap's (e.g. Acid/Firebomb ones, hence minimal trigger radius to conceal this fact).

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