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strange colors in the game


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Not many. We use a more recent sdl2 snapshot, so perhaps the bug is there. Nobody else reported anything like that, so I suspect some interplay between sdl and your particular graphics driver.

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I believe the answer is the 4th line of the log. You see we try to initialize with a pixel format of `RGBA8888`, but as you can see from the log we are getting back `ABGR8888`. I don't know if it is a bug in SDL, or if that is expected because that is the only hardware format your device supports.


You can possibly work around it by building yourself. You have to fiddle with the masks at the top of SpriteRenderer.inl. BSHIFT should be 8, GSHIFT = 16, and RSHIFT = 24. That leaves alpha... we probably hardcoded that in a few places. It might not matter if only the hardware texture is in that format tho.

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