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Windows builds are back!


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EDIT: See short instructions here:



After a few lost days of annoying fights throughout our stack, automatic windows builds are finally back! :wavey: Now using AppVeyor, something similar to Travis, but with windows hosts*.


They'll all be here:



Install python2 if you don't have it yet:



It's untested, so please let me know if it works properly. It's a 32bit build using SDL1 and all our optional dependencies except for vlc and vorbis — nothing you could notice.


From now on, they'll be generated after each push again. Commits and pull requests will be tested for msvc (13) compatibility, but only on the master branch.


*(Luckily it doesn't need a configuration file in the repo, since it took 89 iterations to get right!)

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I do think there may be a problem with the latest AppVeyor builds of GemRB, because in my experience, the GUIScript.dll Engine won’t load no matter what I do.


To provide context, I recently purchased Planescape Torment on GOG, and in addition to the six big mods and tweak packs, I wanted to run it with GemRB so I could use the 10pp mod to have a full party. But after downloading the latest AppVeyor build, and spending hours getting the CFG file just right, I finally hit a brick wall with the GUI Script Engine. I’ve tried running it with older builds of GUIScript.dll, to no avail. If this is a different problem, I would appreciate any assistance in finding a solution. But if this is a problem with the build process, I’d like a fix for it, or a link to the latest confirmed working build of 0.8.4 or at least 0.8.3.


The AppVeyor builds of GemRB always throw up the following errors:


[PluginLoader/ERROR]: Cannot Load "E:/Mods/Planescape Torment/Essential Mods/gemrb-win32-deb4305/plugins\GUIScript.dll", skipping...


[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: E:/Program Files (x86)/GalaxyClient/Games/Planescape Torment\sounds (Sounds)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: E:/Program Files (x86)/GalaxyClient/Games/Planescape Torment\scripts (Scripts)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: E:/Program Files (x86)/GalaxyClient/Games/Planescape Torment\portraits (Portraits)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: E:/Program Files (x86)/GalaxyClient/Games/Planescape Torment\data\Data (Data)

[Core]: Initializing KEY Importer...

[KEYImporter]: Opening E:/Program Files (x86)/GalaxyClient/Games/Planescape Torment\chitin.key...

[KEYImporter]: Checking file type...

[KEYImporter]: Reading Resources...

[KEYImporter]: BIF Files Count: 390 (Starting at 24 Bytes)

[KEYImporter]: RES Count: 12142 (Starting at 9173 Bytes)

[KEYImporter]: Resources Loaded...

[Core]: Initializing GUI Script Engine...

[Core/FATAL]: Missing GUI Script Engine.

[Main]: Press enter to continue...

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First, 10pp supports PST, but gemrb doesn't their combination. I think I added the restriction since I didn't want to bother with PSTs and IWD2s horizontal portrait bar. We do support horizontal ones (eg. for party reform), but it probably needs some tweaking to work for those two games — it was never tested.


As for the build, that's also something that's very hard for me to test. Can you upload your config somewhere? And please use the same path delimiters everywhere, as mixing / and \ looks sooo wrong. Windows uses \.

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Hmm, nothing sticks out from the config. The dll is in E:\Mods\Planescape Torment\Essential Mods\gemrb-win32-deb4305\plugins right? There is no useful error reporting on windows there yet, so I've added it now. Please retest with the latest build once it is ready (5e5bdd7) and post the log.


As for 10pp, sure, if you're willing to test, I can throw patches at you. The first thing would be to install widescreen and 10pp, if you haven't already. Then delete or comment out lines 1395-1397 in gemrb/GUIScripts/GUICommonWindows.py . Then report what happens when you run the game.

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I've attached the full log output, but basically the main difference now is that after it says it can't load the GUIScript plugin it says "[PluginLoader/DEBUG]: Error: No such file or directory".

I've already installed the non-GemRB version of The Bigg's Widescreen Mod v3.07 (because GhostDog's UI wouldn't install on the GemRB version).

I also have 10pp in my Planescape directory, but I'm reluctant to run its Perl installer until I'm sure I can get GemRB to work.


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Hmpf. I can see the file is in the package as expected. Nothing deleted it for you, changed permissions or similar? Since you're not on the main partition, I wouldn't expect anything like that, but somehow the file is inaccessible.

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Hmm, maybe you're onto something. We need python2 and we don't ship one in the package, since it is preinstalled on appveyor images. Try installing python27.dll, while I force it to be installed.



EDIT: the latest build now bundles it


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I'll try uninstalling it in a bit. In the meantime, I played PS:T with both the Infinity Engine and GemRB, and I noticed the following problems with build 3b4af56 under my current settings and mods:

#1. FMV Cutscenes like the intro videos don't stretch with the screen like in the base game, they're played in a little box in the center the size of their original resolution.

#2. Text on the pause menu buttons like "Load Game" and "Save Game" look blockier than in the main game, though that may be because it just doesn't recognize some elements of Ghostdog's new UI.

#3. Some menu images look light green when I guess they're supposed to be transparent instead.

#4. When I pause, the graphics sometimes freeze in strange ways until I unpause.

#5. Control mapping doesn't list nearly as much options as Infinity Planescape.

#6. The Sub-Menu option buttons' unpressed state is grey, when they should be a shade of blue. Only unusuable options like EAX should be grey.

#7. Moving the mouse makes the screen move a little out of control, as if the mouse sensitivity's jacked up and making the view pan too fast.

#8. The Movies menu lists all the game's FMVs. In Infinity Planescape, it just lists the three intro vids, at least at my point in the game.

#9. Always Run isn't working. I'm not sure how to get my character to run instead of walk.

#10. Journal Portraits only show up on the upper-left corner of the screen, instead of in their niche on the Journal.

I hope none of this was because I chose the Infinity Engine widescreen option instead of GemRB.

Now, one good thing about GemRB is that through a config option, I successfully got the Fog of War disabled, which I can't do in the original Planescape.

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Looks like I'll have to try his gui sometime. You were right about the green too, it's typical for some buggy images.


By #1 do you mean the intro video or the cutscene of Morte coming around the table to wake you up?


The keyboard control window is a stub, you can't change the bindings on the fly yet. They can be changed in the original keymap.ini though. My favourite besides ctrl-j for jumping when testing, is ctrl-q for aggregating and sorting loot.


To toggle "always run" press R. I'll look into why the gui is not doing it there. EDIT: all should be fine in the newest build :)


The list of movies is currently not updated as the game progresses, but starts full indeed. It seems it wasn't noted on our todo yet, so I've added it.


#10 sounds more about centering. Are really just the monster pics offset?

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oh, so perhaps that's another difference in the other ui. The original doesn't show the portrait bar.


I doubt the original scaled the videos, that would have been quite intensive for that time. Unless you had a crt and it did it automatically through hardware.

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