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ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT and opcode 233


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The EE version of opcode 233 has the option to increment proficiencies instead of just setting them. This is somehow squeezed into bytes 3 and 4 of the parameter2 field. Can I set this value in Weidu? Right now I have:


LPF ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT INT_VAR opcode = 233 target = 1 parameter1 = 1 parameter2 = 134 timing = 2 END


When I look at affected items in NI, parameter 1 is properly set (1 pip, active class) and bytes 1-2 of parameter 2 are properly set (stat 134, ExtraProficiency20). But bytes 3-4 are set to 0 and I need them to be 1.


Any ideas how to do that?

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You could set them directly via WRITE_SHORT at appropriate offsets.


parameter2 should be written by something like that at the moment:


WRITE_LONG (0x08 + 0x30 * insert_point + fx_off) parameter2


Turn it into two separate writes:


WRITE_SHORT (0x08 + 0x30 * insert_point + fx_off) parameter2_bytes12

WRITE_SHORT (0x0A + 0x30 * insert_point + fx_off) parameter2_bytes34

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