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Resource use by GemRB versus Wine under Linux?


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Not sure if this is the correct forum. I have IceWind Dale 2 running under Wine on Linux, but my i5 laptop overheats easily and crashes the game. It pushes one of my four cores to the max, whatever resource use setting I try.


Will running the game under GemRB result in less resource use? I have Baldur's Gate working on my Nexus 7 without extreme battery drain, so it seems like it but I wanted a word from the wise!

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Three things. I know the originals had a bug where they could max a cpu erroneusly. I've never experienced anything like that with gemrb — it would be a bug to fix either way.


Secondly, we do use more than one thread, but only two and the second one is for audio. So I don't think our use of the cpu is significantly more balanced. But it could help a bit.


The most gains would be seen from better architecture and code. We rarely profile gemrb wrt cpu use though, so there are surely more optimisations we could be doing to reduce the load. I'm pretty sure the graph would still be dominated by drawing code, so if you wanted to squeeze the most of out it, you could try the experimental gl/gles plugins. Perhaps even sdl2 itself offers a tiny gain.


I'm positive we use much more memory (not partly loading tiles for example), but that doesn't affect heat generation much.

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Cool. :) If you want to play IWD2, 0.8.2 was pretty pointless. With the latest, you can play it up to the interior of the Ice temple without major issues. Enemy spellcasters are still retarded, but that's about it — there's not many of them anyway.

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