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  1. Aaaah, great. N7 used for Nexus 7, but would be haopy to know that GemRB is getting that love too..
  2. The Dosbox Gamepad keyboard did it. Opening the console was easy, with ctrl space. Closing it only worked after another ctrl space, and then keyboard down swipe..
  3. I'd like to upgrade from 0.8.0 on my N7. Can I just install the app over my existing one, or do I need to backup my config files first?
  4. Can I open the GemRB console on an Android tablet? I have Dosbox which has a soft keyboard, but ctrl-space does not open the console (does nothing), while on my linux laptop is does? I want to adjust xp using the console ( sps(IE_XP, xxxx) ). For some reason my characters have wildly different xp, even though I started a normal BG1 game. And it is Imoen who is way behind everyone else..
  5. @lynx, you've saved my bacon again :-)
  6. Linux not Android - not that it should make a difference. I've tried the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") after Ctrl-Space several times, with and without the "" around the number. Minsc is selected and is the only selected character. Still no visible change to his XP. I'll sleep on it. Probably doing something silly.. Do I need to enable DebugKeys(1) to make this work? Tried that too but also not successful
  7. I need to increase the XP on Minsc in a game of Baldur's Gate on Android (vanilla under GemRB). He is at half the XP of the rest of the party. Have tried the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") approach (official cheat code) but it fails silently (after Ctrl-Space). Have looked at the function list on the GemRB wiki and SetPlayerStat will probably do it, but it looks too complex for me without delving into the guts of GemRB. Does anyone have a simple recipe for a fairly clueless player? Thanks!
  8. The instructions I found at http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=24482 really helped me. Assume you have seen this? Here are my notes over and above this (from Dec 2014, but think still relevant): General procedure: - Download latest dated apk from Sourceforge - Allow installation of unverfied apk's under Security - Install on device - Modify gemrb.cfg under /sdcard/Android/data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/files (may be different for you - I could not get it to run off an external USB drive) Note: made a ./bak directory and copied the original gemrb.cfg there - Take install on PC - Install Widescreen with GemRB option and desired resolution under Windows (1040x600) - Copy to Android gemrb directory next to bg2 NNB: Widescreen modified files are copied to ./override under the game directory. Noted in forum discussion that it is better to have all overrides in the folder under the apk install directory. ⇒ Keep this in mind if installing other mods later NOTE: When installing with updated resolution, need to manually clear out the iwd2/cache directory
  9. I'm at the outside of the Horde Fortress after emerging from the tunnels, just starting on my way into the building on top. Saw Sherincal in some cutscene dialogue, but haven't encountered Sherincal directly yet. On my points: 2. All three of the different saved parties that I have tested have that problem with the staff at the arms merchant in Targos being hostile. I've checked the one under Wine and no such issue comes up. Can I post some info that could help see if this is GemRB related? 3. Both player and NPCs have this problem. It isn't armour-related, as clerics don't have that issue (not sure if that is what you meant). 4. The sounds that characters make are not context-specific. In the game under Wine, there are grunts and exclamations when struck in combat and general comments when they are simply moving around. Under GemRB the combat noises are mixed up with the general dialogue outside of combat. Looking forward to seeing the new release when it is ready. Keep up the good work
  10. Thanks for the prompt feedback! None of these are dealbreakers, so I'll push ahead in the next couple of days before I have to set the game to one side for a while again. Real life intruding
  11. Couple of bugs that have popped up in the last day or two: 1. Druid will not change form. I have the ability and it was working before I ran the savegame under GemRB. The GUI changes to reflect that I have shapeshifted (once I have pressed the Verbeeg icon). No transformation on screen. The stats do change, but the character appears ineffective in combat. Possibly because I was inside in a confined space, and a Verbeeg is large and at a disadvantage? 2. The staff at the arms merchant in Targos are now hostile. Everyone else at Targos are fine initially. When I visit the merchant the staff immediately attack, and then all other inhabitants of Targos go hostile too. Cannot remember doing anything to provoke this. 3. Clerics and druids intermittently get "spell failure" returned when trying to buff before combat. Happens out of doors for druid too. Looking forward to new releases in the new year Happy festive season to all!
  12. Looks much better. The Ranger 1 / Rogue 5 has Proficiency scores of -2 and -2, as expected. The Rogue 1 / Ranger 5 has Proficiency scores of -1 and -1. Both are in light armour. Found that the Rogue 1 / Ranger 5 also has Proficiency scores of -7 and -3 in Chainmail, but think I saw this in the vanilla game as well. I did some edits with Dalekeeper 2 previously, and may have messed something up a bit with this toon. I'm happy with the changes overall.
  13. I've pointed it at the plugins on the existing install, and now it's complaining about duplicates. Will tinker a bit more when I have a chance, and post the output if needed.
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