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Minimum specs needed to run GemRB? (ARM Vita CPU)


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There is a Vita GekiHEN contest going on and one of the sites that started this event listed GemRB on thier wishlist. It's yet to be seen if anyone will try to port it. What I'd like to ask is if such port is even thermostatically theoretically possible to achieve full speed spec wise considering Vita is highly underclocked. Here are the specs:


CPU: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore (up to 2GHz but downclocked to 444MHz - currently it's not possible to increase the clock beyond that yet and with passive cooling it would probably lead to overheating issues either way)

GPU: Quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4+ (downclocked to 222MHz)

512 MB RAM + 128 MB VRAM

960×544 qHD multi-touch capacitive touchscreen


edit: auto correction :p

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Considering it ran on worse hardware before, why not? ARM has been supported for a long time. So really, it's likely it would just work, perhaps even out of the box.


For full speed, we would probably need to do some optimisations. Eg. we don't support any of the low mem options the originals had and preload all the tis tiles. At 512M this may not be that noticeable, so perhaps the processor would be the bottleneck instead, due to all the drawing. The experimental GL backends aren't faster yet.

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wow, someone actually ported it to handheld with 32MB RAM and 320×240 non-touch screen? That's extreme :thumbsup: Sounds promising indeed. Thank you very much for an answer. I was worried that GemRB took the Beamdog route and implemented some more resource heavy renderer.

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