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In the presence of a container


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What triggers can obliquely or directly let a script know the scripted creature is near a container?


I did some testing, sending my test subject, Tarnesh, to NearestDoor and SecondNearestDoor so he could bash them. Some of the scripting triggers are similar for doors, trigger regions and containers, all those things that can be "opened," so I thought I would see what counts as doors to creatures. There was a locked chest in the room, and no actual doors. Alas, Tarnesh did not notice the chest, but he kept running into Kagain and another actor on the floor, an NPC boy, as if trying to "bash" them. There were no messages, of course.


In principle I want the creatures to simulate opening containers (picking their locks) with a Knock effect, but first they must notice and approach them.

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Several of those that are supposed to be door-only. Looks like they are. At any rate, an NPC goes nowhere if told to walk to a door in a room where there are only containers. My latest idea, the last resort more or less, is to simulate the whole thing: the NPC told to open a container will just walk to the commanding PC and cast a very small-radius Knock. I would prefer to do this through triggers and actions, though.

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