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An important note about opcode 189 (casting time)


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If you use this opcode with a negative value, like -3, to slow down casting, and perhaps also with positive values, make sure to have nothing, i.e. 0, in the "Unused" field (in Near Infinity). It is actually used in some way, because if you have a number there, it will change the result. This detail gave me enormous consternation before I found it. I had the effect copied from another spell, without changing anything except what is supposed to matter, and it retained "2" in the "Unused" field. The result was that positive values in the "Amount" field did nothing for the casting time, and any negative value made the casting instantaneous... No matter what I tried, it was still askew. GOD, I'm happy I figured it out!


This also makes you wonder about other supposedly unused fields.

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Not much different from most other opcodes that modify stats:

0 - Cumulative

1 - Set value

2 - Set final value (only if better/lower), I think.


"Unused" only means currently unknown for the EE's anymore, since we aren't given a complete documentation of changes/implementations.

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