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Silent damage


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I'm looking for a way to do damage to a creature, any creature, without a blood spurt, the sparkling, hissing, roaring or whatever the damage type sounds like, without the FX of the damage and the character's cry. I can shut them up with a silence effect, but what about everything else? It has to be damage, not a negative Current Hit Points Bonus.

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The audio/visual effects of each damage type are controlled by the "dmgtypes.2da" file.

By default, poison or acid* don't have any so if you use either of them with the 6th bit of the special field ticked, it will suppress everything except the avatar's recoil animation. You can overwrite the recoil animation with opcode 138, Seq #7, by placing it immediately after the damage effect.


*excluding IWD, it does have resources assigned to acid.

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