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Targeting any creature


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I'm playing with Time Stop. Creatures' scripts stop during that effect, but I want to play with still time from baldur.bcs. I might want to, for example, cause the engine to end the time stop for a damaged creature. Anybody hits one and puff, they are out of the stillness. I could Apply a spell that removes the effects of the particular SPL from the creature. But it needs to be anyone, not just creatures I can specially write into the script, like Protagonist or Player1. And, obviously, objects like Nearest make no sense in the overhead perspective of the main script. This brings me back to the topic of marking creatures. What I've never understood, and still don't know, is whether there is a way to let the engine find a particular creature rather than the PCs or a creature with a script name.


For these categories it's easy. I can put a custom spell state on them and then write, e.g.:








But what if I want to make it so that anyone, any random orc, under the spell state, will be found by the engine? This seems natural:






But it doesn't work, the object isn't determined this way. What are my options?

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