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KoSh reviewed at IW!

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I think as much as a single mod creator might find it interesting to include comments on everything along the way, I am very often molested by NPC constantly chatting away and commenting every move I make, every tree or pile of doggy poo we pass. So should up please, willya! Actually 3+ is a lot for a presumably silent type. Keto is alright to be chatty, but most people would not pester the world with their insights every other minute. ;)


That said I have banters, flirts installed and feel I get talked to enough.


@ Voicing vs DL size and original cast: Not much to reconsile the tribes here.

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Well, no interjections at all is not a way to go, though... Hopefully I will find a suitable compromise. BTW, added a banter that was collecting dust forever to Haer'Dalis' set, so he is now up to 4... :


~My kestrel, a song came to my mind…~ [KIVAN 99]

DO ~SetGlobal("P#KIHA4","LOCALS",1)~

== BP#KIV ~Three things a man cannot stop – an avalanche coming down the mountain slope, a woman falling in love with him and a bard singing a song.~

== BHAERDA ~Surely, there are more than these three…~

== BP#KIV ~Perhaps. But those are the ones that came to my mind. Name the others, minstrel and I will not argue. ~

== BHAERDA ~ Ah, Kivan but you are eluding marvelously the third one so far. It must be an extension of a woodsman’s ability to dissolve into shadows. Yet, I elect to prove you right rather than wrong.~

= ~Our summer has passed

As if it were a bluff

Sky’s translucent as glass

But ‘twas not enough


Life was doting on me

And I was cared for

I was lucky indeed

But I need something more…~

== BP#KIV ~The melody is attuned to my mood, Haer’Dalis, but I find it hard to commiserate with the words.~

== BHAERDA ~I thought that you would not. Peculiar though that you, who believes that he has nothing and desires but one thing, display the same restlessness as a person who wrote this verse in a state of stifling wellness. ~

== BP#KIV ~Quite.~

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Well, heh, I went on a banter writing spree, and added a bunch of banters after digging out Haer's. I also asked JC about Keto's numbers, since Keto for me is an etalon of chattiness. I do want Kivan to talk less than Keto.


The numbers for V4 (if I ever get there) will be (* - indicats banters will be added in V4 and for comparison I show Keto's in paranthesis):


Aerie*: 8 (6)

Anomen: 7 (12)

Cernd*: 9 (4)

Edwin: 4 (3)

Haer'Dalis *: 5 (4)

Imoen*: 5 (3)

Jaheira: 5 (5)

Jan*: 6 (4)

Keldorn*: 5 (6)

Korgan: 4 (5)

Mazzy*: 6 (5)

Minsc*: 5 (5)

Nalia*: 5 (5)

Valygar*: 5 (3)

Viconia: 4 (5)

Yoshimo*: 4 (6)


I think it's quite satisfactory.

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