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EET Map Bug


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This was reported in the "Map Areas" thread as well, wanted to make sure it got attention and visibility. Durlag's Tower is 3 maps east of Beregost, rather than east of the Carnival which the map ui would lead you to believe.


It is hilariously nonsensical when you actually look at it, as the third area east of beregost is far north and east of durlags tower, yet going east once more enables Durlag to become reachable. Basically, it would be near impossible to figure it out on your own if you didn't look at this forum (well, you'd probably eventually indirectly figure it out).


Great work overall though, this mod is insanely awesome regardless of the few hiccups!

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Indeed, the placement doesn't make sense. The location was based on vanilla BG1 map:


but Durlag's Tower placement was corrected by Beamdog on BG:EE map.


Based on canonical location (south of Wood of Sharp Teeth) and the vanilla links:

BG3000       S            BG0500       Exit0400     4            8            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20
BG3500       E            BG0500       Exit0400     2            8            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20
BG3500       S            BG0500       Exit0400     2            8            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20
BG4000       N            BG0500       Exit0400     2            8            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20
BG0500       S            BG4000       N            2            1            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20
BG0500       W            BG4000       N            2            1            BG5600       N            N            N            N            20

I think this location will suit it better. Share your thoughts if you think it's still off.



btw. it's a bit weaird that Durlag's Tower is only connected with Gullykin both ways and other areas one way. But it's like this in vanilla BG:EE (we are importing links without changes).

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