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Psionics System Design


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"spells" can be interrupted, same like cleric or mage (bad! too similar to magic, will make them look and feel like "casters")

ability check for spell: 1d20 roll against governing attribute minus difficulty modifier (bad! crap for crpg)
there is more obviously, i can go on...


Psionic Power's can be interrupted, but their preparation time is by default measured in rounds, not initiative, like spells.

Most are instant and therefor uninterruptible, others usually take multiple rounds to use, which isn't practical, so reducing those from rounds to initiative and leaving them interruptable would be a good comprimise.


How is an ability check to activate powers a bad thing?

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On the subject of what is acceptable lore, my first point is that lore is great, as are PnP rules, but not if they make something boring, useless, or unviable. Secondly, here are a few excerpts taken from one of the Forgotten Realms wikis.



Psionics were unknown in the ancient magocratic empire of Netheril (−3859 DR to −339 DR). It was even theorized that the Netherese's great focus and dependence on traditional magic atrophied the parts of the brain that enabled psionics. However, its abjuration magic was so potent it also protected against psionics.

Only particularly powerful abjuration magic protects against psionics (canonically).




Use of psionic power did not require spell components. Psionic power could be activated much faster than either divine or arcane magic.

Hence, Alacrity and 0 casting times. There are more drawbacks than just potential for spells to be interrupted.


I'd advise against thinking of Psionicists (or whatever I wind up calling them) as point-based Mages. They are not, and will not be a damage heavy, artillery character capable of clearing rooms with a spell (e.g. no Fireballs, psionic or otherwise). They are a controller/support type of character, with loads of status conditions, positioning modifications, and assorted protective abilities. Damage is heavily limited (either via their THAC0, by saves, or by other limiting factors available).

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Wow love this! I'm a big fan of your work and I think you are going in the totally right direction with psionics. Its not even worth doing if its just another mage, its got bring something different to the table to be worth the effort...and it will be quite an effort. Ignore the naysayers, especially if they don't have actionable feedback. Your vision is right on target, go with it.


Even in terms of lore to justify implementation, its still just "guidelines". A lot of people don't get that, D&D has always been a fluid game about creating and telling stories. Its not chess, its not a place for rules lawyers and RAW. The DM can throw out anything that doesn't fit. And in my opinion, in this forum, modders, willing to invest thier time and intellect to produce fun materials for the rest of us to play ARE the DM's. Besides, you'll run into enough engine constraints that you will ultimately have to take the DM role and come up with reasons for limitations that are beyond your control anyway.


Anyone with concerns with Aquadrizzt should play his mods, tome and blood is a wonder, very creative too. He's not prone to cheesing it, no munchkins there. Well.... there is the Magus, but I think he's fixing it =)

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