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Ranger/cleric swords clarification

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Hi all,


I've been searching for an answer to this question for a couple of days, but have given up and decided to post instead. If I've missed the answer already posted somewhere, or this is the wrong place to post this question, my apologies.


I'm a level 7 ranger (just leveled) and am ready to dual-class to cleric. I wasn't fully aware of the cleric weapons restrictions when I created this character. Unfortunately I have placed 4 proficiency points in bladed weapons already. I have your tweaks pack installed.


When I tested dual-classing into a cleric, there was no option to put proficiency points into blades. If I have the "loosen item restrictions on clerics and druids" component of the tweaks pack enabled, does this allow my character to suffer no penalties for using blades, but I may not put any further points into them ever again? Will I have the ability to put further points in after I get my ranger levels back? Just trying to fully pin down what this and won't allow me to do. I do grasp that using a weapon and putting points into it are likely two different game mechanics.


Considering starting over if I've just irreparably lost 4 prof points.


Thanks for any helpful replies!



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You could just use a Keeper program to avoid redoing the whole game. EEKeeper, or ShadowKeeper that is.

You know, you need to be able to overlevel the ranger class as a cleric to actually regain the Ranger abilities and get the Ranger/Cleric as the character class... before that you are read to be a low level cleric with a few bonus hitpoints.

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Thanks Jarno! Yes I understand I won't have ranger until lvl 8 if I dual. I'm aware of EEKeeper. I may try it. I've read folks have been having some problems with crashes lately but I dunno how widespread that is, and I'll have to look into how complicated it is to use. The Rang/Cler druid spell access was also nerfed in 2015, dunno if the options in Tweaks undoes that... may just be not a very strong combo anymore. It's a looong haul to play a character through the trilogy, so I want to make sure I choose carefully. I thought I had, but maybe not :)

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Unfortunately, although I'm able to give my ranger/cleric proficiency points in bladed weapons using EEKeeper, she still cannot equip them. I'm going to try Ashes of Embers. If that doesn't work, new game.

Quite logic to me.

I guess you were supposed to use EEKeeper to give your ranger/cleric proficiency points in blunt weapons.

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Yes, you should use the Keeper programe to reassign your proficiencies to weapons you can actually use.

Note that the proficiencies which belong to the Ranger class won't actually become active until you can *use* your Ranger abilities. So what I'd suggest is the following, with EEKeeper:

(1) Delete your proficiencies in Bladed weapons.
(2) Add the four proficiencies to one or more types of weapon you can use as a cleric, e.g. Spiked weapons or Blunt weapons or Missile weapons. Preferably all to the same, or at least, two to two different types (Rangers should technically only be able to get as far as 2 proficiencies in a weapon, not 5.)

(3) Then, for the weapon proficiencies of your second class - I believe you can get two, for a starting cleric - add in weapon proficiencies, you're only allowed one each right now (can't get double proficiency till you get your ranger abilities back) into OTHER weapons, for instance, Blunt weapons and Missile, so you can use Maces and Slings.

Then when you reach Cleric level 8, thus overlevelling your Ranger level 7 and being able to use Ranger abilities, you'll activate your 4 stars in the other weapons, and suddenly become really kick-ass - and have the ability to use future proficiencies to add stars up to the ranger limit rather than the cleric limit, in any weapon that a cleric can use.

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