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Suggested tweak: Dual and multi class characters allowed ONE kit?


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So, it's established that it's possible to dual-class FROM a kitted character to another class. The popularity of the Kensai/Mage combination attests to that.

(And that multi-class characters can theoretically include a kit: the Gnome Illusionist dual-classed with another class, for example Quayle or Jan Jansen: since Gnomes are not permited to be mages unless they are Illusionists.)

So why shouldn't the second class be allowed the kit, if the first was vanilla? I can see why it's impossible to have two kits, but why not be able to dual from a vanilla class to a kit?

And likewise why not allow a multi-class character to have a kit in one of their classes?

For instance, in BG1 rules Imoen could be dual-classed from normal thief to a specialist mage of a couple of types, not all but certainly a few - but BG2 changed the way specialist mages were handled by making them a "kit". And ToB added the Wild Mage as a mage kit. I would absolutely love to dual-class Imoen from normal thief to Wild Mage... or assign either a mage speciality (including Wild) or thief kit to Nalia or Imoen in BG2, assuming they meet whatever other requirements the class have.

Or perhaps Jaheira could have one of the Fighter or Druid kits (obviously not one of each).

Just imagine somebody starting out with a few levels of Fighter before dual-classing to Swashbuckler or Assassin...

Clerics are weird because, good, neutral or evil, they're already pretty much kits whether you want one or not.

Maybe the whole "kit" behaviour needs to be standardized, with the definition of "you're allowed exactly one kit, whether you're single, dual or multi class, and if you don't have one in your first class you can have one in your second after you dual"?

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