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Umm... I have no idea what this means, and what I can/ should do about it. ;)


While I was moving from one area to another this occured in my BG1 game:


An assertion failure CDVIDLImage.CPP at line 6062 Programmer says: Tile not loaded.


Any help is appreciated. ???

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Ok, should I try manually copy the area file then? Also, I am using TuTu. Does that mean I will have to run the conversion again?


By the way, I think your doing a nice job rearranging the site following the upgrade, I like it. ;)

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Those errors occuring on Tutu tend to mean that the BG1 area files were corrupted - note the area it happens in; perhaps if you can get someone else to send you their files it could help. :)


Cool :) Thankyou. I will note that for future problems. That does seem much simpler then what I did.


I checked my Bg1 folder and the .bif-file for area I was trying to move was way too small, like 4mb or something. So, I manually transferred from the CD, unistalled, ran the converter, then reinstalled very thing. *wheh* What a chore! :)

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