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Humbly requesting assistance

Guest Jabrw0ky

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Guest Jabrw0ky

I was hoping I could get some advice. I made a kit working from an older one by another author (before WEIDU was around). I made a tp2 file which I'll post in just a moment. The installation of the kit goes along fine (I get no errors during the WEIDU installation), but when I start the game and create a new character, when it comes time to select my kit and I move the cursor and select it, the game crashes. No error message, it just peacefully drops to the desktop. There are probably multiple explanations, but I'm wondering what some more experienced WEIDU buffs might have to say. Thanks.


BACKUP ~Psionicist/backup~


AUTHOR ~Jabrw0ky~


LANGUAGE ~English~





BEGIN "Psionicist Kit made by Jabrw0ky"

ADD_KIT ~psion~

~psion 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0~

~psion 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0~

~psion 5 6 5 16 12 16~

~psion -4 -5 -4 2 1 1~

~psion 5 6 5 16 12 16~

~psion 5 6 5 16 12 16~

~psion 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1~

~psion 0 0 0 0 0 0~


~K_B_H K_B_HE~

~0x00004000 5~


~* * * BAG28 RING06 RING05,10 * BOOT02 AMUL19 BRAC16 BELT06 * * * POTN52,5 POTN04,2 POTN14,5 * * *~

SAY ~Psionicist~

SAY ~Psionicist~

SAY ~PSIONICIST- These strange creatures are visitors on the prime material plane from the mental plane. Their forms on the material plane are often unstable, phsically weak and not always completely solid. Therefore they have very low stamina, constitution and strength and their lack of practice manipulating material objects means a low dexterity. However, physical weapons and magic will not damage them as much as they would a prime-material being. Their bodies cannot support any armour either. They are also highly resistant to elemental and acid damage and as they gain experience they can learn to control the density of their physical form increasing these resistances. Psychic elementals are so known due to their superhuman intelligence and mental power allowing them to manipulate other being's minds. Enemies under the focus of the psychic can suffer reduced intelligence and mental submission to the psychic. Apart from psionic powers these elementals also posess a knowledge of sorcery and unsurprisingly specialise in enchantment and charm magics although as with humanoid sorcerors this means that they cannot use magics of the opposite school. Their high intelligence allows them to work out the function of most material objects even if they haven't seen them before and others are unable to identify them. Finally, due to lack of practice manipulating physical objects, psychic elementals have no skill in using 2-handed or bigger single-handed weapons. However, they do not have main and off hands like humanoids therefore can learn to use both 'hands' almost equally. In coming to this plane, they most often take the forms of half-elves and humans and sometimes join groups of humanoids in so called adventuring parties although their motives always remain cloudy.



- Maximum INT of 23, max CHR of 22 and max WIS of 20, minimums are 20,19,12 respectively.

- 20% resistance to all weapon damage at level 1 and +2% per level thereafter up to 70% at level 26.

- 15% resistance to elemental and acid damage at level 1 and +2% per level thereafter up to 65% at level 26.

- 3% resistance to all damage from spells per level after level 1, up to 75% at level 26.

- Can use "Psionics" attack.

- From level 9 onwards can use "Mind-Blast" once every 5 mins.

- Can use "Psionic Conquest".

- Two extra spells per level compared to bards.

- Immune to confusion, charm and feeblemind.

- A number of psionic spells gained as innate abilities.




- Cannot cast spells from the Invocation/Evocation school.

- Can only cast spells from the Enchantment, Illusion, and Divination Schools.

- Cannot wear any armour.

- Permanent - 6 to strength and -5 to dexterity.

- -4 to maximum CON at creation and a further permanent -4 when the game starts.

- Has 25% less HP than bards.

- Cannot have proficiency in any 2-handed weapons (including bows) or larger 1-handed weapons such as flails, long swords and katanas.

- Cannot have proficiency only in darts.

- Cannot pick-pocket.

- Human or half-elf forms only.

- Cannot be of any lawful alignment (why would they follow prime-material laws?)

- Cannot dual-class.


Mind Blast:

The psychic sends out a powerful psionic wave that disrupts electrical signals in the brains of all those with 15 feet of the caster. This has the effect of reducing their intelligence to 3 for 10 turns unless a save vs. spells is made. There is also a 5% chance of confusing targets for 1 turn. This usually leaves targets in a state vulnerable to the psychic's "Psionics" attack which can drain intelligence further, resulting in instant death.


Psionic Conquest:

The psychic focuses entirely on emitting a powerful psionic wave, modulated so that it interferes with the higher level mental functions of those within range. This can result in the victim submitting completely to the psychic's command unless a save vs. polymorph at +2 is made. It takes a whole round to recover. However as the psychic's level increases this duration can double and the chance of escaping the effects also decreases. Whilst emitting this wave, no other action can be performed except walking. (note: replaces bard song)



The psychic attacks with the mind instead of a weapon. Damage is only 1d2, however attacks per round is set to 2 and seeing as AC does not effect the ability to block mental attacks(although more powerful creatures WILL be able to deal with it better), the psychic gains +25 to THACO on main hand to ensure an almost guaranteed hit while this is 'equipped'. Each hit, the target must save vs. polymorph or lose 1 INT for 10 turns and there is a 50% chance that he must save vs. spells or lose control and succumb to psychological fear, taking 2 rounds to recover. This is a ranged attack and so the psychic is vulnerable at close range.~

COPY ~Psionicist/mfog.spl~ ~override/mfog.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/mindblst.spl~ ~override/mindblst.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/pe751.spl~ ~override/pe751.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/PESONG.spl~ ~override/PESONG.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/psionib.spl~ ~override/psionib.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/psydrain.spl~ ~override/psydrain.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/psyres.spl~ ~override/psyres.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon1.spl~ ~override/spbon1.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon10.spl~ ~override/spbon10.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon13.spl~ ~override/spbon13.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon16.spl~ ~override/spbon16.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon4.spl~ ~override/spbon4.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/spbon7.spl~ ~override/spbon7.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPCLPSY.spl~ ~override/SPCLPSY.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/usepsy.spl~ ~override/usepsy.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/psyatt.itm~ ~override/psyatt.itm~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN542.spl~ ~override/SPIN542.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN543.spl~ ~override/SPIN543.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN545.spl~ ~override/SPIN545.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN546.spl~ ~override/SPIN546.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN547.spl~ ~override/SPIN547.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN774.spl~ ~override/SPIN774.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN804.spl~ ~override/SPIN804.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN909.spl~ ~override/SPIN909.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN775.spl~ ~override/SPIN775.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN912.spl~ ~override/SPIN912.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN910.spl~ ~override/SPIN910.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/SPIN544.spl~ ~override/SPIN544.spl~

COPY ~Psionicist/losepsy.spl~ ~override/losepsy.spl~

AT_INTERACTIVE_EXIT ~VIEW Psionicist/Psionicist.txt~


// EOF: Setup-Psionicist.tp2

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The only time I encountered something similar was when I had an unachievable minimum stat score. For example, if you require 16 DEX for your kit and then impose a -5 DEX penalty, there's no valid score that can be rolled during character generation and the game crashes. It doesn't appear to be the case here, though I would suggest checking the requirements for a generic bard and taje racial adjustments into account and check that against your penalties.

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Guest NoamuthMirshann

The Wisdom and Intelligence is 19 and 20, you can't roll those at Character Creation. Thats whats not working. If you wait about a week or so I'll release my Psionicist mod with a new spell pool. I just need to find a kit editor.

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