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Diriel and a Drow PC

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Hello and thank you for this wonderful mod!


Just a question. I created a party with Diriel, Jaemal, Rizdaer, Sir Nord and Hildury and played until part of the way through chapter one. Throughout the prologue Diriel wouldn't talk to me and if I pressed P, I was unable to force a talk with him. He did however, talk when in conversations with Jaemal and Rizdaer. Is this because I am a Drow or another issue? Apologies if this is answered somewhere and I missed it.

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I have the exactly same problem and I am playing for the first time Icewind Dale 2. I have no knowledge of modding or programming, so I do not even know how to verify if it is a bug. Another possibly bug is that items placed in Salomeya's quickslots disappear (I have lost the invisibility potion for a quest and a magic item for bards because of this bug).

Nonetheless, I love this mod! Even Jaemal, the seemingly clichee "good character" has an interesting backstory, I have read good things about Diriel (which has been my favorite as a concept from the start, so it would be really disappointing if I cannot play it) and Rizdaer is paradoxically unforeseeable due to his precise depiction as a male drow. I wish I could directly thank the creator of the mod, but it seems that Domi had not been online since May 18 2016.
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Unless it changed in later versions, Diriel will NOT romance a drow character (that was my first run through with this mod, too). Your best bet is to reroll or use a save game editor such as Dale Keeper to change your race there (not sure how you'd cheat up the "love talks", though). He should still chat with you, though


Also, nothing really picks up until after the prologue (while it HAS been awhile since I played IWD2, my sister assures me this is true)

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Guest Kelly

Ok sorry for my bad English. It's not my native language. Sorry again.

So...I can't romance this ass as a drow? Well crap. The sad thing is that nobody said anything about this. I mean,they say "You can only romance him if you're playing as ELF". ELF. I'm pretty sure that drow is still elfs and stuff. I just don't really like this game and still playing it because of mod,but i really hate to think,that i have to create new character and go through all this hell again, just because i want to romance him and nobody told me that he's not romanceble for drow😒

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