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The Gibberling Hordes quest seems bugged

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In AR 4600 AKA the Bear River area, theres a paladin called Laurel that askes you to help her kill some gibberlings. I killed them, but I cant talk to her to finish the quest, no dialogue window appears.


Apparently in BG1 the script is supposed to check that C:GetGlobal("Gibberdead","AR4600") = 12. Did EET import this correctly? Theres no such variable in my save (see attached).


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all BG1 areas in EET uses BG prefix, so the correct console command is:


in your save it's set to 11. The bug is not related to EET. If the same thing happens when you load earlier save and do the quest again then it's some other mod fault (in such case set the value to 12 via console). If you can't reproduce it then it was an engine bug.


I've just completed The Gibberling Hordes quest without problems using different save.

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