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Wheels of Prophecy v7 Now Available


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The Wheels of Prophecy is a mod for Baldur's Gate II and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition by DavidW, author of Sword Coast Stratagems, adding new content, dialog and roleplaying options to the Throne of Bhaal expansion. It makes only minor changes to the main storyline but allows the player to interact with that storyline in a much more non-linear way. Version 7 fixes some bugs in the previous version.

v7 changelog

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent installations for French players
  • Fixed a bug where a dialogue option with the Solar was failing to set a variable
  • Fixed a pair of bugs dealing with the village attacked


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I have encoutered a bug in my last walkthrough on BGT with v6 + BW Fixpack:

Kill Sendai then Abazigal without entering Balthazar's monastery(in another word: play just like the vanilla game), launch the cutscene cut240a (Balthazar argueing with Melissan) in Abazigal's dying dialog..
But in the area script of the monastery ar5505, there is a block:


But in the end of cut240a, the party are send back to Abazigal's lair, and so dw#balc2 runs there, not in the monastery.

By the way, with such a coincidence, Balthazar, Melissan and all the monks are created just in front of the portal. But if decide to help Balthazar, Melissan is unkillable because the block of start her dying dialog is in ar5505. Same if choose to fight against Balthazar.


The quick fix is to add "OR(2) !Dead("abazigal") !Dead("sendai")" to the block above by stopping dw#balc2 if Abazigal and Sendai are both killed.


BTW. Chinese translation for v7 is in pr on Github.

Finished year ago, but I had lost my copy and just recovered it.

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