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Problem with Holy Symbol


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DLTC Edit Pro shows a serious error with this item, and is unable to load it. This happens not just with the in-game item, but also when I tried to load it from the unarchived install folder. Near Infinity was able to load it, but I couldn't save it back into the game, hoping that the problem might resolve itself that way.

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As far as I can tell, the Holy Symbol works fine.


The description should probably be amended, however. Currently it says: "Iyatchtu Xvim rewards his most powerful servants with a holy symbol, enchanted black iron gauntlets bearing green eyes. When worn, the gauntlets empower the Aulthlim with Ilmater's ( :D ) power."


Was somebody copying and pasting? :bday:

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I don’t think I quite understand what you mean. Are you saying that the extra holy symbols aren’t currently implemented? I’m pretty sure they are.


From my experience, all of the kits (with the exception of Oghma, but I’m sure that will be fixed quickly) gain holy symbols of their respective gods at level 24. For Xvim this IS a pair of functional gauntlets (even if the description invokes Ilmater :bday: )


Come to think of it, wasn't level 25 when clerics got holy symbols in the unmodded game? :D I suppose this could be intentional.

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