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  1. Well I certainly chose the right day to do my monthly Delainy check. Following this mod is what got me into BG modding way back in the day, and it's sad to see it formally over, but sometimes that's just how it's got to go.
  2. Yeah, I would love to see some new spells added one way or another. I really like the idea of the sphere system, but it makes some kits almost untenable.
  3. This news makes me very happy! I'm just sad my current playthrough started a couple weeks too early for this!
  4. Well it sounds like there will be progress soon, hopefully! Good luck and may your muse be merciful! It was actually this mod (or, more precisely, the prospect of this mod) that introduced me to Baldur's Gate modding in general nearly ten years ago. I googled "Delainy" and found this site. So ... um ... no pressure I guess.
  5. And here I was ready to dip my toe in for another BG run. I'd love to help test, but it would probably have to be after I finish moving. (Aug 15th)
  6. By all means take your time. Rushing a modder has never really ended well. I just hope there is a release at some point in the future
  7. Congrats on getting Tashia done! That should occupy me for a while
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