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  1. Well I certainly chose the right day to do my monthly Delainy check. Following this mod is what got me into BG modding way back in the day, and it's sad to see it formally over, but sometimes that's just how it's got to go.
  2. You could just use two d10's. I definitely recall doing that way back when I was playing 2e.
  3. Yeah, I would love to see some new spells added one way or another. I really like the idea of the sphere system, but it makes some kits almost untenable.
  4. This news makes me very happy! I'm just sad my current playthrough started a couple weeks too early for this!
  5. Those look pretty reasonable. "Essential" is probably too strong of a word. It's more like - I'm used to planning around priest spell sets since I'm used to using DR.
  6. No pressure. I'm just looking at making a run in BG2 with Viconia and wanted to make sure she wasn't missing anything I regard as essential. Regarding Tiax - I'm not sure if it's canon in vanilla BG1, but BG1NPC definitely makes him follow Cyric. (edit: it is canon in vanilla) So it would be odd to see him follow mask kit-wise. I wouldn't worry too much. He already gets that crazy Ghast ability, so he has some flavor on his own.
  7. hmm, that looks like it would meet my needs. Do you have a list of what spells are removed? I didn't see one on the forum post.
  8. So I finally bit the bullet and got EE, since it seems like most of the mods I care about are compatible. At this point, the only major mod that I regularly use that isn't compatible is DR, and that doesn't seem like it is going to be updated. So ... are there any decent mods for EE that overhaul divine kits? I would be especially interested in anything that uses spell spheres or gives NPC clerics content appropriate for their gods.
  9. Well it sounds like there will be progress soon, hopefully! Good luck and may your muse be merciful! It was actually this mod (or, more precisely, the prospect of this mod) that introduced me to Baldur's Gate modding in general nearly ten years ago. I googled "Delainy" and found this site. So ... um ... no pressure I guess.
  10. And here I was ready to dip my toe in for another BG run. I'd love to help test, but it would probably have to be after I finish moving. (Aug 15th)
  11. Are you referring to this? http://www.spellhold.../sarevokromance edit: I posted it before I saw your edit
  12. Thank you. (This doubles as a bump to fix it, I guess)
  13. I just stumbled across one of those threads the other day... It's a strange and enlightening experience when your read people tearing apart things you enjoy.
  14. Thanks! It mostly answers my questions. So just as an example, let's say I want to let random items spawn in the rock early on where the ring of protection was in tutu. That is container3 in AR2800. Let's make the items tier 26 since that's what the ring was. So I would need to add a line that looks something like this: 23 26 container3 ar2800 to the file bg1location.2da. The is the "Ident" column. Sometimes it is just an x. Other times it is b followed by a hexadecimal. Most containers seem to be of the latter type, so I'm not sure if that's what it should be in this example.
  15. I would like to know how reasonable it would be for someone with a basic understanding of IE modding to do two things: 1) Add new locations for items. Presumably, this would involve adding a new line to the relevant list, but there probably is other stuff to do as well. 2) Add new items. By this, I mean create a completely new item from scratch and then have it appear randomly somewhere. Off the top of my head, 2 seems like it should be easy. I don't know enough about your randomizing process to know how 1 might work.
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