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[help needed] IWD2 item descriptions feedback


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2 hours ago, lynx said:

Item ranges are ignored in bg2 and younger, so I doubt they changed that for the rushed iwd2. But preserving the description sounds like a good idea, since someone would complain eventually.

Nope. They do. Jusr like the all the spells.

Thing is, the actual visual range is 30 or just above... so putting 100 or 150 doesn't matter. I would believe that the origin of the 100 range was that it was suppose to be a percentage ... originally. The short way extended amount is a well known fact... like for example the Item Revision sets shorter ranged items like thowing axes and daggers to be 20 in v3 and in v4 it's 15, which both you can actually be noticed.

This also applies deep enought that even if you set the characters visual range to be greater than 30(via opcode 262) the launcher range doesn't change, because they still need to be within the original visual range (30 or so). This is probably because the weapon doesn't use target type 3(the extende headers target type aka offset 0x000c).

And incase you didn't notice, I kinda am complaining ... 😛

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