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Progress for SoD part?

Guest Tomas

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Hi, I would like to know if there is any news on the progress of the SoD part. I've started a full EET run where Imoen is going to be my only mage until I get Aerie on BG2, which mean I will not have a mage in SoD unless I can convince her to stay with me instead of keep learning with her new teacher at the Ducal Palace. In case its not finnished, do you know how could I spawn her as it is at the end of BG in the first coalition camp? I've played the mod on a BG2+ToB run and I liked the new dialogs, but I can live without new dialogs but having no mage make things a lot harder, specially considering that in SoD I will deal with 2 lichs. Minsc can drop some detonation arrows and Jaheria dispell magic, but I like a real mage.

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SoD part is not finished, no. Hm, you could try something like evaluating MoveGlobalObject("IMOEN2",Player1) via cheat console and ctrl+q her into the party after she made her good-bye dialogue in the Duchal Palace, but I'm not sure this won't lead to problems at some point. Sorry.

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Just an update on what I did. Once I've arrived to the first coalition camp I just used "C:CreateCreature("IMOEN")" and I've got a lvl 1 Imoen, then I just edit her with EEKeeper so it was just like my last save before figthing Sarevok. Once I've finnished SoD the Imoen that I've got on the Irenicu's dungeon was just like it was at the end of SoD, so I didn't have to do any further editing and end up having Imoen from outside Candlekeep to the Throne of Bahl.

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