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Guest who_is_daniel

I am very interested with this mod, and I would like too install it, but I am not surea bout the compatability between this one and other WieDU mods. So far I have installed:


1. Spell-50


2. Item Upgrade


3. Ascention


4. Tactics


5. Underrepresented Items


6 Unfinished Buisness


7. Ease of Use


8. Kelsy


Will I have any conflicts or problems if I install the Oversight Mod?

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Guest Guest
Yes, CamDawg is right.



I have not installed any of the Kit options, and I dont plan too, so it should all work fine right?


What about installation order? I dont want to screw anything up, I mean if you this mod changes somthing from one of the above mods I can see that it might cause a bad bug/problem or crash. What I listed above is the order I nstalled it in.

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spell50 after Kelsey, Oversight: Sendai, and Ascension (they all destructively copy spells over, and if you want s-50 to work you need it last; it includes the detectable spells).

Ease of Use last (it uses some C_E_R coding)

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