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Scripts: [x.y] Point Parameter


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Eagle-eyed (or bored) readers will have noticed the BCS format description (http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/ieformats/bcs.htm) indicates that the point parameter can not only specifiy an x/y coordinate, but a [l.t.r.b] rectangle, or a [cx.cy.r] circle.

I know that in maths and geomtery these are valid, but - do they work in the IE?

None of the current compilers support these point forms, but you can easily hex a bcs file.


My testing indicated that the point parameter only works for x.y points, and not the rectangles or circles.


If someone could confirm this, I can remove the incorrect information from the IESDP. And that would give me a warm glow-y feeling. If someone proved the other point forms worked, I'd also have a warm glow-y feeling. So, you can't loose, test either way, and I'll feel good. Thanks! :)

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Surely somone has been bored/excited enough to try?

What if my tests were wrong, and you can in fact specify any arbitary polygon? What if it will solve world hunger? Isnt that worth fighting for? Isnt that worth dying for?


aka. *bump*

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