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Not Installed due to errors (missing files) on EET

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The previous mod failed at script identity evaluation. Aka it doesn't know you installed it on EET. That's why there's the %tutu_scripts% in the file name. So nope, this is not an SCS failure, but a mod installed before it.

And you FAILED to install the EET_END after SCS, like you are supposed to.


And then there's a lot more:


[./override/spell.ids] loaded, 28901 bytes
ERROR: illegal 1-byte read from offset 1 of 1-byte file INNER_PATCH_SAVE "%spellcode_base%"
ERROR: [spell.ids] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("INNER_PATCH_SAVE \"%spellcode_base%\": read out of bounds"))
Stopping installation because of error.


ERROR: Failure("INNER_PATCH_SAVE \"%spellcode_base%\": read out of bounds")
Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG and look for support at: For help troubleshooting installation problems, go to the Sword Coast Stratagems forum at forums.gibberlings3.net.


SFO: Applying patch(es) to CRE file(s) %tutu_scriptbg%wolf...
You are trying to edit %tutu_scriptbg%wolf.CRE, which does not exist in the game




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