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Still looking for a gardening partner

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A long time ago I posted on Spellhold an invitation to share the work and laurels... rather literally in this case... of an herbal mod. These herbs and shrooms would be collectible by characters and would have some useful properties when eaten. In principle, it might be possible to mix them into potions, but I didn't go that far with my planning. What I did have by that point and still have among my files is a bunch of already prepared herbs and mushrooms - inventory items, with icons, description images, text, powers, the works. I'd make a few more, and it would be an impressive set.

The other half of the job, and what I wanted somebody interested in area editing for, would be to put the herbs on the ground. The collecting part, you see, is easy: the player just looks around or holds down Tab, herbs become highlighted in green, he picks them up. Without Tab they blend quite completely with the environment. But the herbs should be placed where it makes sense: among bushes, in shady or sunny spots, the mushrooms should go under the trees and so on. It is possible to scatter them around an area, but that's just not the quality I set sights on. And so I advertised for a partner who likes areas enough to give each a personal treatment: plant some toadstools by the druid rings, grow a few rushes near the waterfall and so on, or in different places as he likes. He can invent what environment the plants prefer. Some are fantastical, others real. I have a simple device for making a plant appear at coordinates, but it takes looking for the right nooks and crannies outdoors, and in some dungeons, too, they might grow. 

I've been busy with other things, but the offer is still open. I think it would be a pity to let the material go to waste, and I can't do everything myself. Naturally, it would be a 50/50 credited job.

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This offer still stands. Those who want to get involved in the making of my mods have an opportunity here. What it takes is going through areas and chooseing the right spots (coordinates) for plants. Here I carelessly put some down in a shady spot, where they are easy to notice, but in a sunnier area it would take looking. The images are the herb (heron's milk), first in the inventory (the text is wrong because the mod isn't installed right now) and then on the ground, without and with Tab:




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