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Pathfinding trouble

Guest MaestroBenKenobi

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Guest MaestroBenKenobi


I've got a problem after installing SCS on my steam BG II EE game (I've onstalled it at the beginning of ToB).

I'm in Saradush and my party membrs (except gorion's ward) are all now moving like idiots. Most of them just walk 2-3 steps and then just stop.

This has made my game just impossible to play, as I must click and re-click every second to get te people move...

Any idea of what is going on ?

SCS is the only mod I've installed so far.

I've searched on the forum but for the moment haven't find nothing.

I red on the internet that it could be a problem of the line "path XXX" that was set on 32000, I've tried to set it on 300000 but it didn't word.

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Best regards


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WOW! It worked! I've turned on the party AI, and than suddenly four parx members leveled up (they received an amount of extra XP and the little gold sweet cross on the portrait...the amont of extra XP was not shown in the box dialog, but I've noticed it by checking before/after turning on the party AI..??dunno why).

They move normally now...and have more XP... (Sarevok just got exactly 3'000'000, Korgan too, Jaheira 2750000 and 2750000 on each of her class,...).

What a good advice! Thanks a lot. I find it so good that you don't know me and I'me here and speak no good english and you just gave me the key to solve my problems so fast :)

Really thanks a lot, you saved my evenings in the next days/weeks :)



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