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Can we open player inventory from a dialogue?

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@Bubb helped @subtledoctorwith some voodoo on displaying inventory for his psion's (he probably hates that I call it something other than what he does-sorry, old, stuck in my ways) identity spell.  I have the tph and other files on that, but is it possible to do this outside of a spell and just from a dialogue?  I want to set up exit dialogues and give the player a chance to swap out inventory for those NPCs that are leaving.  It would be nice if I could have said dialogue then open inventory, allow for swaps, then have the NPC leave.

I realize that normally kicking out NPCs is not a big deal.  You adjust inventory, then reform your group.  But this is a semi-forced situation after Korlasz but not starting with the whole SoD dealy ... at least not right away.  My mod will initiate the dialogues and control the leaving.  However, I want to give the player a chance to NOT lose his prime equipment.

Granted, I can just have the NPC give everything, but I'm a role-player.  And that's just not something I would do - well, except for in one instance.  And I can have the NPC just walk away with the best equipment the PC has.  I'd prefer that over the former, but I'm looking for middle ground. 

Like, Ajantis is wearing Sarevok's custom armor (it is pretty sweet), but he'd not want to wear it to meet his superiors for certain.  That I can script for, but other items I can't, so much.

Anyway, I'd like to have the option ... if possible.  Is it possible?

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