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The problem might be an incompatibility with the font patch you're using. Would it be possible for you to test removing it without screwing up your installation?  (perhaps it's right at the end of your mod install order)

Thanks for trying out the patch!

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they're not using the widescreen mod as I had assumed
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Some more things to add: 
1) I installed the fonts dead last, so I was able to uninstall without issues.
2) I'm not using widescreen, but Gog resolution 1024x768

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Yup I'm playing Classical baldur's gate and I'm up to testing. Installing right now.

For anyone wondering, I have an issue with BG2 where every time I start I need to config it. The solution seems to be this one:

<<Anyway, the .ini setting that's tied to the first time running prompt is, appropriately, FirstRun=1 (or =0 if it knows you've run it before), under [Program Options] in the baldur.ini. I changed it to 1 to experiment, and now both running the program and manually setting FirstRun to 0 don't stop that prompt showing. You could try setting FirstRun=0 and seeing if that fixes it for you, even if it didn't for me.

Otherwise, the shortcut in my install directory (called "Launch Baldur's Gate 2 Complete") boots the game directly without going through the launcher, and thereby also skips the prompt. I assume this is the default GOG behaviour, so you should be able to find that same shortcut in your install folder. Use it directly, or copy-paste it to wherever you need it. If you can't find it, you can create a shortcut from bgmain.exe which will do the same thing, rather than from baldur.exe, which is the launcher's executable>>.

So two solutions:
1) Either you put FirstRun=0
2) you start directly from BGmain.exe
Credits to EratonDoron on reddit for the explanation (https://www.reddit.com/r/baldursgate/comments/c1i6tg/q_disable_prompt_to_configure_bg2_when_starting/ere68s0?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x)

Salk, I tried your TUTU and it works perfectly. There is only two things I like the most from Kilivitz one but that is up to the player, I guess:

1) You can customize the UI not to have any wood
2) I guess the gold image is cool, but I would like also the possibility to have the throne there when you start the game.


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I think I have fixed the problem.

There were some wrongly positioned elements in a file that is only used when the resolution is set to 1024x768.

If you can download and place the attached file in your override folder, that'd be great!

Of course, please do so after installing the patch (or else the installation will overwrite the fixed file).


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Don't you use 1024x768 when playing BG? Thought that was the resolution everyone used. Also surprised to see you supporting the GUI given that I saw you on Beamdog forums 😛

Anyway, I can't try the GUI fix now. I'll try it later (currently I'm at work)

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Yes, my own version had practically no customization room at all.

I did it only for my own use and later one found out that there might have been some interest.

Kilivitz is very welcome to use my graphics asset and let the player decide which image they prefer. The reason why I opted for a more "neutral" and original start screen was that I didn't want BG1BG2-inspired images before the player selects one game or another.

I'm fond of the one I created but I do understand others may have different tastes.


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