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Endless BG1 Updates!


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EndlessBG1 updates to v14 with some minor fixes and a compatibility fix with NPC_EE.


-Polish version: Fixed "Usable By" order
-Insert missing right bracket in general.tpa
-Sarevok's armor and helmet should give "Protection from Magic" items.
-[EET] Improved compatibility with NPC_EE (Imoen, Minsc, and Jaheira should keep their tomes in ID).

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EndlessBG1 updates to v16!


-(BGT) Corrected wrong value for "start_bg1end_sod_cutscene" (by Ychap).
-Install order syntax for PI now only considers mods that should be installed earlier. Mods that need to be installed after EndlessBG1 are only listed if their own metadata ini-file doesn't include a check.

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EndlessBG1 updates to v17 with minor fixes and changes!


-Korlasz' Crypt in BG1: NPCs should always use their SoD scripts while inside the crypt.
-Duke Jannath should not ask for the tomes if Imoen already gave them to her.
-More cleanup after Sarevok: Delthyr in ThreeOldKegs, Sorrel in NBaldursGate.
-Journal entries that make no more sense after Sarevok's defeat should be closed or erased (work in progress).
-Added compatibility note to readme for "BG1 NPCs in SoD"-Mods and dlg/bcs handling for "Korlasz' Dungeon in BG1": NPCs get their SoD dialogue and script assigned. If BG1 NPCs do not have an original SoD script they would have to be patched accordingly if a mod requires them to have one.



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EndlessBG1 updates to v18 with minor improvements and a revised Russian version by Ulpian!


-Revised Russian version, by Ulpian.
-"Duke Eltan Is in the Palace": the mod added Duke Eltan will be removed after BG1 is finished to clear the area for mods that reopen the palace in EET(BGII).
-Duke Eltan's body will be silently removed after Sarevok was defeated in case it wasn't brought to the Harbor master, either by the FF healers in Undercity or upon reentering the palace.
-Corrected path to journal entries for ADD_JOURNAL.
-Corwin should be removed after BG1 is over (fixed typo in script).
-Harbour master should not accept Eltan's body after Sarevok is defeated.
-(BG:EE, EET) Better journal handling after Sarevok is defeated. Translations of new lines by yota13 (Russian), Roberciiik (Polish), Frenzgyn (Italian), JohnBob (French), ElGamerViejuno (Spanisch).
-All lines in tp2 should be in tra files.


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