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Comments on a Comedy of Terror


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Heh, at least I caught the play on the title from Shakespeare's play "A Comedy of Errors"


Let me just say that I thought Haer' Dalis had a lot of potential for his background...but it wasn't really well developed (then again, that could be said for many of the Baldur's Gate I and II characters.)


I really did like the small excerpts that you had at the start, as if from a travelguide or some such thing.


And let me say you neatly sidestepped your avoidance of Haer' Dalis by having him as a side character while presenting the story through the viewpoint of another character.


I do like how you did recognize that by making something public, by removing the mystique behind someone, they lose much of their percieved respect (there is a reason most totalitarian regimes prohibit satire at their expense...)

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yes it is :D


Haer'Dalis is really not in the position to narrate, because majority of the intrigue comes from Rahk's side. But, perhaps, what i can do when revising, I can make Haer'Dalis into the story teller, give the introductions to him.. I will see if it works :bday:


Thank you for your commentary, Bri!

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