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Any SHS overlap? ...Unable to complete "forgot password"

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What i really forgot over there is the ol' username (well, pw as well) but i've checked, through r"create account" that my old email-adress is still registered.
The action fails after greenlight on the captcha. Tried in FF on Windows and FF, Chrome and Edge on Android, so it should be that their function is simply broken.

None of this is super-important ofc, but it would be nice to be able to recover my old account, and i seem to remember there being quite a significant overlap between the community-foras, so i just thought i'd ask. Any help would be appreciated.

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@Majki you can recover your password via using your email address at SHS. Would this suffice to recover your old login data? EDIT: ok, if I combine yout title and post content it seems you fail to recover the password via email?

If you are using the same email account here as you do at SHS I can pass on your request (I see your email so no need to spell it out). But SHS doesn't have an active admin currently so chances are slim that @Kaeloree will see the request anytime soon.

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Thank you Jastey, but no. I've tried that, but it gives an error-message and fails somehow to actually send out a reset-email.
Yes, please do that. Thank you again.

I was going to post there, but guest-posting is off, and i came across a thread that pretty much sums up why (just wow!)... I'm sure i don't have to specify further.

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