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Humans always multi-classing (N/M)


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I know this is something I installed or re installed because dual class humans had been working.  Now they default to multi-class. Anomen, I wanted to tweak his stats and prof's.

I can make him a fighter then in game dual him but that is at lvl9. like branwen at lvl2

I can make him a cleric (helm) then tweak weapprof to give him 2 stars.

I can edit the .cre files with dltcep or use shadowkeeper every time

but I would rather have you guys tell me what component might be affecting this. My guess it is either TobEx or a 2da file from tweaks.


Thanks for any help


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Erhm, I am not sure I am reading this right... so you want to tweak Anomen, you install the Anomen NPC component and go through the hassle of picking things as a fighter. So then you start the game, and pick him up and ?

See the default behaviour is that he begins as a level 1 Fighter, (class, kit, and other properties are choosed in the install), and he get's a set of XP according to your main characters xp amount. You can dual them, and then regain the levels a bit of adventore afterwards.

And yes, you can after them joining your party, actually set the characters XP backwards, so they will only get so many levels and then dual them to a new class if they have the stats for it. Anomen does not to dual to a cleric. His Wisdom is too low, as it requires 17 to be dualed to a ->cleric. You can lower the stat requirements by modifying the ABDCDSRQ.2da-table either in Near Infinity, or by making a new text file in the override folder, copy paste the text form the link and renaming it using the Save As -command in Notepad.

And then set his XP back to what it's supposed to be ... or make a decibel mark mistake, level him to level 18 cleric, and then set his xp to what it's without the mistake. 😜

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No I am not asking how tweak the mod. sorry if that was unclear.

Humans are not supposed to multi-class. Now every time I run the gauntlet of the lvl1npc reinstall, the characters that I want to dual (humans) turn out to be multi-class

I have an earlier save with an earlier install that worked fine.

So 1) it my component choices with cdtweaks Tobex, 1pp, or lvl1 npc's,

2) the install order, or

3) something is FUBARed.

well crap, I have an image of Nalia fighter 2 inactive mage 1 all ready to level up. just like it it supposed to. but i cant attach jpg.

*One run through I set him at 18 for all stats just to make sure that his 17 wi was not a factor

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Hmm, stiull unsure of what you mean with "Humans are not supposed to multi-class. Now every time I run the gauntlet of the lvl1npc reinstall, the characters that I want to dual (humans) turn out to be multi-class" ...

As when you normally would use the Level 1 NPCs mod to modify Anomen, you would just select fighter class... and not Fighter - Cleric as the class option. Also there's mods that multiclass the "single class" kitted character, but I don't see that in the weidu.log attached, so I don't thing that is it.

And no, you can't use the Level 1 NPCs mod to dual to a kit, like Priest of Helm. As that is a only possible in multiclass via Level 1 NPCs. To dual to a kit, you need to use MultiClassMultikitMaker mod or whatever it was, found in SHSforums.

As in, the Level 1 NPC NPC component just sets what the character is innitially... then in game, you can dual them to be a cleric... but only if they are single class. So your gauntlet of installing the Anomen install when wrong when you selected the multiclass option in it. You were supposed to make him a singleclass fighter. Open the setup-level1npc.ddebug file with Notepad and go and look and you find out that you did select the multiclass option, not the singleclass one. Yes, the mod allows that to all the humans even when the game rules wouldn't ... it's a tweak mod. 

You not being able to attach .jpg's... I don't think it's on your side, but a forum change that came a while ago, but you can upload- via googles "image upload" search -them elsewhere and use a link from them to here using the "Other Media" box at the bottom right corner, using the URL option. At least that's what Firefox shows:



And technically you can dual from a level 1, but you'll still need to possess the xp to level up to be able to dual to a second class, so the dualing is only level 1+ ability, not a level 1 one. And to regain the first class, you need to level up one level beyond the innitial class level, so it's definitely not a level 1 one.. so you can't do it with a mod called Level 1 NPCs. You have to do it in game, the dualing to another class. 

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In an un-modded game humans could stop being one class and start in a new class: dual-class

this also applied to level 1 npc  - human npc's

un-modded game non-humans picked a multi-class and those two classes would split the XP

same as in level 1 npc's.

but humans now are going to multi-class.


The Nalia pic was from my first install of the aforementioned mods I checked out the results and it worked. but then, in tweaks, they had some things the I did not like so I uninstalled all those mods and reinstalled in a different order: Tweaks first... putting lvl1 last, so I can install 1 nps in one at a time (because I am prone to rushing and messing something up).

But if the pic attached correctly you can see that Nalia is dual-class lvl2 fighter inactive 2000xp and mage lvl1 with 290000xp ready to level up.

This is the correct action. 

Now Anomen since re-modding with lvl1npc and after the reinstall of those mods, Anomen can be, as you said, a fighter single class but his xp is for lvl 9 fighter (or something not lvl1 or 2) so yes I can dual him to cleric but not from lvl 1 0r 2. as with Nalia.

Enough time has passed that I no longer remember 100% if Anomen was a fighter 2 dual priest of helm of not but I think he was.


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Yes, this is a dual classed Nalia:


You made her to be a fighter, and that she was when she joined your party, you probably then reduced her overall xp to be 2000, leveled her up, and then used the button in the pictore to dual her, that made her a mage, and then you you could have kicked her out and returned and she would then have the 290 000 xp ... or you could have just used the console to set the xp she has.

She was not made to be a Fighter - Mage with Level 1 NPC, definitely was NOT. As that would mean she would be a fighter - mage Multiclass.

That's the simpliest I can put it.

2 hours ago, Sir-Kill said:

Enough time has passed that I no longer remember 100% if Anomen was a fighter 2 dual priest of helm of not but I think he was.

This is ... impossible without installing a mod that is build to do that exactly, as in, you need to use an in game script action to do that. And level 1 NPCs don't. I know the exact action that can, this. But it needs to be in-build in the mod. And so it won't be compatible with the NPC components of the Level 1 NPCs.

And yes, that action can be used by a Tweaks component that assigns him a subkit after a certain event happens in the game. But you have not installed that mod.

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Holy S@#T!!
The save game i used for checking was an un-modded by lvl1 npc. tho with lvl1 installed.

I did use DLTCEP a long while ago (months ago) changed Nalia, Anomen, and Branwen. I knew these mods would overwrite what I have done so I made back-ups and then copied them back w/o thinking/remembering that I did so.
So as installed lvl1 and did not edit any of those 3 using the mod they were (surprise!) just the way I wanted them, go figure. (hangs head in shame)

JM you were/are 100% right. With all mods removed one cant get a 2 class character w/o being multi. I just kept seeing that they are/were, I should have figured that out sooner

Well thanks for the help! I learned something

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