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WFX files


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WFX files determine variation for playback of WAVE sounds (so that things like pitch and tone will differ each time the sound is played). This is the reason why you'll sometimes hear differences in the sounds for imps, quasits, and mephits, despite there being only a single soundset for all of them.


I think that one of the values is the highest pitch, and the other the lowest, and the difference between the two determines the severity of the variance. IIRC, the only requirement is that the base name of the WFX matches the base name of the WAV (so, this will work for any WAV sound in the game).


The best way to investigate this is to change the values at the two known offsets so that the difference is fairly large, and then play the matching sound in-game.


All other offsets remain untested.

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The known offsets (12 and 16), as used in the IMPPPn.WFX files. I never tested it beyond seeing that it works, so I don't know which one is the high and which is the low (or even if that's indeed what they are). The only thing I know is that they determine variance in playback of the WAV sound.

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Close enough, although it really doesn't let you control anything that I know of. You can just set some values that makes the engine randomly play the sound differently. My guess is that BioWare simply ran out of time (I can't imagine something like this would be a high priority), or gave these the same attention paid to all things audio in IE. So it's highly unlikely that there will be any earth-shattering developments based off the information here.

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I found the time to investigate this a little further than I had previously:


The value at 0x0c seems to be a bit field. Depending on the value, the effects are either applied or ignored. The only relevant bit here is the third (bit 2), as only values like 4, 12, etc., have any effect in-game (if other values are used, the sound plays normally).


The value at 0x10 alone controls deviation. The higher the value, the whackier the sound.

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