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"Learn spell" automatic outside of scrolls?

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I'm using a spell effect (147) to give characters a chance to learn wizard spells. And they always succeed. It looks like scrolls are special in using Intelligence. I want to recreate the Intelligence dependence in this secondary spell through filters preceding 147. Like this:

318: if Intelligence < 18 then such-and-such chance of blocking the rest of the subspell along with 147
318: if Intelligence < 17 then a greater chance

And so on. What I would like to know is whether these checks will be cumulative. Is a character with Int 15 going to have to run the gauntlet of < 18 first, then < 17, then < 16? It may be easier simply to extend SPLPROT with = stat lines...


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In my experience the best way to do this is with 326, not 318. Make a subspell for each effect, (each percent chance) and in the main spell, have a separate 326 effect for each INT score, pointing to the relevant subspell. (A range of INT scores might lead to the same subspell, but still give each score its own 326 effect. This greatly simplifies what you need to add to SPLPROT.2da: a single line for [ INT = x ].

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