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Unused item types

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There are many item types that are given pick-up and drop sounds in ITEMTYPE.2DA, but not used. At least, in BG games. For example, BGEE's file lists the usual sounds for armor categories, such as 64 - Plate mail, and assigns slot 1 to it, but actual plate mail is type 0, Armor, as are wizard robes. The sounds are determined by the item's equipped appearance, apparently. Why is this duplication there? Are these armor categories used in Icewind Dale games? I want to repurpose some of them for my own items that need to have different sounds and slots, but I already hijacked a few less usual suspects. All these armor sub-types look ripe for rewriting, but I don't want to mess with IWD.

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You mean, I can extend ITEMTYPE? I didn't know that. But truth be told, I don't want to spend an extra minute thinking about how I would add new rows, fetch those numbers, paste them into every item of mine from the new type, and not forget to repeat that for any item that I add later. This is absolutely not creative and a total waste of time.

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