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Making Moebius Tookit part of G3?

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I'm not a very active person on the forums, but I've been around for a long while, and I'm reasonably active on the G3 Discord channels. Maybe not many people know about me, but I hope that some can at least recognize my nickname. :)

I'm writing today because I want to make the release 0.2 of my project, and I think that it would make sense to make it part of G3 in some way, given that it's a very healthy community that I enjoy. I don't know exactly how that works (e.g. making a release post, having an entry on the downloads section, etc.), so let me know if you have questions about it, or if I should get something read first. Let me start explaining about the project.

I've been working for almost 3 years on a little toy that has grown to be a reasonably useful tool by now. I started doing a "damage calculator" after the usual conversation online with someone claiming that this weapon/class/whatever was better than another. But I wanted more, and now the application has the basic building blocks to be more, including visualizing things based on game data, which I think it's something that could be useful for modders who care wary of balance considerations. I want that for the next release it can gain some features in NearInfinity and EEKeeper. Given that EEKeeper is no longer developed, I'd like this tool to be a worthy successor (it's still a long way to go).

I have a basic introduction of the project on the README file on the repository: https://gitlab.com/moebiusproject/moebiustoolkit

The README links to a website, which I'm now updating for the latest version, and which I want to even contain videos explaining what the application does and showing it, because for the 0.1 release I feel I got no feedback at all given how confusing things might be. This is an introduction to the whole thing in 16 minutes of video (it's a draft! don't share the link just yet in some other place please, I need to update it for a final release): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIUoqYugsMc

Thank you!

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