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Corrected Calendar (mod for BG1 and SoA)

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In the first Baldur's Gate it is clearly early autumn, yet the game starts on the 2nd of Myrtul (the equivalent of May in the calendar of Harptos). The sequel is set in some indeterminate but verdant season, most likely spring or summer of next year. Then Siege of Dragonspear must have taken take place over the winter in the North, which is obviously problematic. Perhaps the heroes have squeezed it into the spring months, scrambling over the mountains to make it to Shadows of Amn in time for summer. Technically, the second game also begins on the 2nd of Myrtul, but that is clearly an oversight, simply un uncorrected date. This mod tunes the calendar of both games to better reflect their setting. Charname will set out from Candlekeep on the 10th of Marpenoth (September) and find himself in the dungeon of Irenicus on the 25th of Flamerule (July) next year.

If the games are played from start to finish as a trilogy, the date will not be automatically adjusted to suit the transition to the sequel or to SoD, whenever that takes place. The game does not take notice of these events. The installer will therefore ask which date to change (retroactively - you don't need to start a new game to see the changes). Playing the original, set the time to fall, and when you reach Athkatla, install the other component to make it summer. If installing for the sequel only, use the second component.


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