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Delainy - Yoshimo...


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"Delainy, how adverse are you to...suggestions...on your poetry?"



"What do you mean Yoshimo?  If you find my voice grating, I apologize.  I won't deny that my music is appreciated by all.  Truth be known, I wouldn't know how to react if it was..."



"That is not what I meant.  Your voice is fine, but the nature of what you Faerunians call poetry...I would offer a suggestion, if you would be so kind to listen and judge it worthy of your attention."


Delainy:  *interested*

"What do you exactly mean?  I tried to master the styles I've encountered here, but even I know that there are more than any one bard could master."



"I am no poet, but the lines seem strained to my ear.  It is as if you try to cram as many words as possible into a line, when simplicity itself is most elegant.  If it got out that I even expressed...such...an interest...my reputation would suffer for it."


Delainy:  *gives a slight smile*

"You aren't exactly giving me a lot to work with.  Don't worry, I won't tell anyone your secret...but I think it is even simpler than that.  Tell me, Yoshimo, how long has it been since you last were home?"



"It has been a long time.  That is in the past, though, and Yoshimo lives for the future."


Delainy:  *slight tear in her eye*

"Whether you will say it or not, I will.  I miss my home.  Many is the night that I wish I can go back....but there is no going back..."



"I beg pardon for causing you to remember grief..."



"Forget it Yoshimo.  I don't need your apology, for not all memories are bittersweet..."


Delainy:  *smiles shyly*

"Tears for a tragic song

Recollections of a distant scape

Solace in thoughts of home..."



"Delainy...that was..."



"Sorry if it wasn't what you were looking for Yoshimo..."

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of course delainey would recite a haiku for yoshimo...


wonderful, wonderful dialog...


all the things that yoshimo fans would go for...the hidden angst of a traitor who likes not his lot...yearning for home, for a happier, and simpler time...




great stuff, i really liked the haiku!!! :D  :D  :D

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