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Question about Xzar Quest

Guest MarciusVetrack

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Guest MarciusVetrack

Please, i know, that for you guys, this question may be silly, but i never tried reached in this point of game before, (my save in the cd version, always got bugged because of mods), so i play as a paladin, and could not kill the dryad, but still likes to do xzar quest. so i waited until i got to baldurs gate and get poisoned, so i went to the sewers and slain the King of Sewers (a good choice for the quest), and Xzar colected the Vial of Evil Extract. 

But, what now? what to do next? how do i get the Ring for Xzar?

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Looking at my modded 2.5 install...

You don't. The only way to get the ring is to murder the dryad, then later speak to Halbazzar Drin with the essence in your inventory and Xzar in the party.

The essence of Schlumpscha relates to a different Xzar quest; that should come up when you visit the Undercellar in chapter 7.

Then again, what sort of paladin goes along with Xzar and Montaron (NPC project versions) that long? They do some seriously evil things; while joining up with them for the trip to Nashkel isn't too bad, my good-aligned parties tend to draw the line at murdering Ender Sai in the bandit camp.

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well, thats a unforntunatelly chain of events, because i'm not about to murder the driad... so i guess i have to skip this quest....

and, i not "goes along" with xzar and montaron 😇, i simply leaves then in the friendly arm inn waiting for me to return and grab them later to complete that quest... but now appears, that they have no use anymore... 

5 hours ago, jmerry said:

The essence of Schlumpscha relates to a different Xzar quest; that should come up when you visit the Undercellar in chapter 7.

and about this quest, with who i have to talk? its the harlot Quenash, in the Undercellar? because her, is the unique namely npc in that place, her and a guy named Dillar its correlated with the balduran cloak and helmet? in any case, i already have the vile essecence so i have to tell xzar to wait until chapter seven...

anyway, thanks for the info...

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@jastey Is there a way to start Xzar's quest if I've already messed up the starting condition, perhaps via variable manipulation?

I didn't expect that I'd to be nice :rolleyes: guy to the Dryad to start a quest for an evil :devlook: companion... I think that I've killed her and also the brothers; it has been a while, so I don't remember the details.

I tried to respawn DRYAD, CALDO and KRUMM; the Dryad gives her usual quest talk, but Caldo just says


Treasure for all? No, just treasure for Caldo and Krumm!

Then the brothers go hostile, but after killing them (again) the Dryad doesn't acknowledge that they're dead (again).

I've several Mithral Rings, and Xzar also has the jar from "the Madwoman of Firewine Bridge"; Monty is dead.

Also, "The Madwoman of Firewine Bridge" left a journal entry that doesn't acknowledge that the Madwoman is also already a Deadwoman...


I have encountered a crazy woman wandering the wilderness near Firewine Bridge. She seems obsessed with someone whispering - or screaming - at her.

Kahrk is also dead (you might have guessed that already 🙂 ).

I don't know if BG1NPC uses any variable prefix, so don't have a clue what to look for. Alternatively, if it's possible to reset the Dryad quest somehow...?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've discovered the "bg1npcvarindex"  in the mod's docs; ASKEDDRYAD is set to "1" in my game, for example. X#XzarDryad is unset, X#XZARCARSA[1|2|3] are set to "1", X#XZARKAHRK and X#XZARMITHRILRING are set to "2". Don't know what else to look for.

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